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Which alternative milk do you use?
With all the controversy over GMOs and proposition 37 I've been looking for an organic brand of soy milk. Any suggestions?

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 09/24/12 12:21:31


    Anything from Eden Foods. They are a company with the highest integrity. They're organic, non-GMO, against genetic engineering, irradiation free, BPA free, you name it.

    Additionally, I cannot thank you enough for posting the link to If you are reading this, please take a moment to look at the info-graphic in this link: . It shows a "good guys" and "bad guys" list of natural food companies.

    I knew about Cascadian Farms, Horizon, Silk and Naked. I was SHOCKED to see Odwalla, Izze, Muir Glen, Lara Bar, Garden Burger, MorningStar Farms, Kashi, Santa Cruz Organic and Lightlife on the list of companies who are contributing millions to suppress our right to know whether genetically-modified food is in the products we put in our bodies.

    And where is Whole Foods Market? I was equally astounded to see that they had NOT contributed to help Prop 37 pass. Extremely eye opening.

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    Posted by seanubs at 09/28/12 18:42:58

    wow... kashi wtf why?
    I mean it sucks. All of the pro-GMO farms are all major corporations while the private GOOD ones are against it. Makes no sense, I mean they make millions of dollars but for the sake of our health: THEY DONT CARE!
    This changed my views completely. Thank you Girladrift. I'm posting copies of that all over grocery stores and places where most of those products are available. No one will listen but to negate it I am posting information on GMO vs. non-GMO and how it effects the human body along with the poster.

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    Posted by oldgreenhippie at 11/02/12 17:39:22

    Hi agirladrift,

    That's a touchy subject. All the big bad companies are buying up all the little good companies. Silk is owned by Dean Foods who supported 'NO on Prop 37', but Silk does boast about being GMO free and that claim has supposedly been verified by the NON GMO Project. I personally drink Blue Diamond Almond Breeze which is GMO free and it keeps me away from soy & corn which are the two main crops tainted by the hands of Monsanto.


    I noticed that retailers tried to keep their hands clean by being neutral, that way the food companies have no ill feelings towards them no matter the outcome of Prop 37. Whole Foods got caught recently with GMO products on their shelves.

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    Posted by oldgreenhippie at 11/02/12 20:45:09

    I just received an email from Whole Foods and I feel I owe them an apology for my earlier statement. I have to admit, I have followed Prop 37 very closely, especially who donated and who didn't and I must say they were very quiet with their support. The following information is directly from Whole Foods website...

    Where does Whole Foods Market stand on California's upcoming ballot initiative, Proposition 37?

    Whole Foods Market supports Prop 37 because we have long believed our customers have the right to know how their food is produced. We hope the passing of the proposition could lead to one federal standard for labeling GMOs, similar to how the National Organic Standards were formed. One set of rules and uniform support of a consumer's right to know would be in everyone's best interests.

    What is Whole Foods Market doing to support California's Prop 37?

    We have put information kiosks at every California store with information to help customers make informed choices based on knowledge of how their food is produced.
    We have "Yes on 37!" signs throughout our stores and have purchased billboard space asking consumers to vote for Prop 37.
    We have invested in radio advertisements that include the "Yes on 37!" message.
    We also highlight Non-GMO Project Verified products every October for Non-GMO Month – including a recent three-day sale of Non-GMO items.
    On Oct. 1 we started a "37 Days to Prop 37" twitter campaign, where we're tweeting a different message about GMOs and Prop 37 every day until Election Day.

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