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hello everyone i am new to this forum. i was member if vegpeople but there site has been down for a month now and i have questions that need answered. so i have been thinkin about getting a new pair of shoes and i want to go with something animal friendly NO LEATHER!! does anyone know of any shoes that are animal friendly? nike, adidas, skechers... idont really care about the brand but i need to be able to buy them at a local store i dont want to order on line. thanks for any input

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    Posted by Double Dare at 05/10/11 12:46:12

    I have a few pairs of shoes purchased from Ethical Wares; also a few pairs of New Balance running shoes, bought from specialist sports shops. The New Balance ones are made in England at the old K shoes factory in Maryport, Cumbria.


    Some of the New Balance range contain leather, so you'll have to search to find the ones that are vegan, however Ethical Wares sell some of the New Balance range that are vegan.

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    Posted by HomemadeLevity at 06/30/12 13:26:38

    I love the Vegan line of TOMS shoes. They have great designs and are super comfortable. They do sell them in quite a few local stores apart from their website. Also, it looks like you're in PA, but if you find yourself in NYC, I love the store Mooshoes which sells only vegan brands.

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    Posted by beth40something at 07/09/12 21:29:57

    Dansko has a vegan line as well. Price $80-$120 but worth it.

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    Posted by RichMoly at 07/18/12 03:41:02

    DO check out Volentia's Vegan Shoes group too for other suggestions -

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