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this morning i woke up to the smell of burning flesh!!My new roommate thought it would be great to make all of us food =( this is making me extremely sick and i feel like throwing up... is it just in my head??? this smell is really getting to me! does this effect nyon else like this ???

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    Posted by treehugger at 06/11/07 04:08:38

    It never used to effect me but has for the last 6 months or so.
    My son eats meat which I do cook for him and the smell now makes me feel really queasy.
    Just open lots of doors and windows, put the extractor fan on and light some incense.

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    Posted by veggiemama at 06/13/07 14:21:26

    The smell used to not bother me either, but now I can't cook it myself (unless it's just, like, a hotdog or something that I threw in the microwave really quick for my daughter). Last night I cooked her some fish sticks we had left over in the freezer from before I started the veg thing, and the smell almost made me not want to eat my own dinner. It was awful. I agree with treehugger, just open the windows, light some candles or spray some good stuff and get out of there for a while. Let it air out. You're not alone. :)

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    Posted by Chia at 06/19/07 10:58:55

    Maybe you want to get some new roommates? For the first years of my vegetarian life, I had to leave with an entire family of daiy meat-eaters, and the house always reeked of flesh meat cooking. Finally, I got out! Now I am living with a vegan (my husband), and it's MUCH BETTER.

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    Posted by Nicholls at 06/20/07 18:43:54

    I live with a family of meat eaters too :[ It's a bit saddening, and occasionally I get nauseous too; I stay in my own room in times like these but the smell sometimes wafts, so I spend time outside. Anyway, I agree, the smell always is worse when you're waking to it...Thank her for her concern but ask them to refrain if they can, or to shut your door, or to take a portable grill and do it outdoors.

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