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So I just started taking Shakeology made by beachbody and I do like it but I am not sure how veg it is. Anybody know of a GOOD tasting protein meal replacement smoothie? I tried vega in two different flavors and did not really like it but I would be willing to try it again with adding some fruit or something to it. Also, I am a law student and do not have tons of money so budget friendly suggestions are much appreciated~

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    Posted by Chuck at 07/07/11 17:36:24


    I'm also a graduate school student, so I feel your pain on the budget issues. I go with I've only tried the vanilla flavor so far, but it mixes great with bananas and other fruit.

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    Posted by petcrusader at 02/08/12 13:14:48

    I'm having a hard time as well. I was in the UK for a few months and the only vegan protein powder I could find was hemp, in these huge, expensive jars. I tried another one back in the States (can't remember the name but at least it was a sample packet), and it was not drinkable, even with juice, bananas and berries.

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    Posted by louis at 02/08/12 17:38:39

    Here is a mix that I find palatable:4 tablespoons Manitoba Harvest 70% hemp powder, half a cup of oats,1 tablespoon peanut butter, 1 teaspoon cocoa powder.Sugar or stevia if you like it sweet.150-220ml water more if you want a thinner consistency.Blend the ingredients with electric blender.

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    Posted by greggallup at 09/22/11 18:35:25

    I used to do berry vega with 2 or 3 bananas and a bunch of blueberries and some kind of vanilla soy or hemp or whatever mylk and maybe a little bit of kale. It tasted amazing to me.

    But frankly I feel that I recover better and faster without a protein shake and I just make pure fruit smoothies with bananas and dates or anything and a little water. So that's what I'm doing now. Bananas are cheap too.

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    Posted by LilTriBug at 01/27/12 07:22:03

    Shakeology is a great product!!! See my blog I wrote on this @

    On 2/14/12 they are coming out with a 100% Tropical/Strawberry Vegan flavor. Based on research it is 100% Vegan, made from sprouted brown rice protein, and also non-GMO! They have not published the completed ingredient list, but should be out within the week or two. I am a triathlete and only use the best protein possible, whey isolate protein, which the normal chocolate and greenberry shakeology are made of.

    I'm very excited about this product. If you would like to purchase a few samples, please contact me @

    See my blog for more info on VEGAN TROPICAL SHAKEOLOGY @

    Would love to discuss with you more.

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