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Too many Veg*n restaurants / cafe's struggle & even fail because they either forget to promote themselves - or they do not understand the importance of promoting themselves.

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"The Grass Root" in Tampa are doing their "promoting" quite excellently with a dedicated "Raves" page on their site -

Linking it straight to their HappyCow review page -

"The Happy Cow is a great website that links the Vegan, Raw and Vegetarian communities around the world."

"You can find conscious and friendly establishments around your world."

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    Posted by Stig at 11/06/07 01:37:32

    Nice linking! I am going to share this idea with some friends who own restaurants.

    HappyCow also needs to be promoted much more. I was a veggie in the UK for many years without ever hearing about the Happy Cow site.

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    Posted by Rafael at 11/30/07 21:03:44


    I will add at least one new listing to HappyCow each week. As I move around for my work I am always noticing new veg places & good markets / stores. i will make a point of collecting their cards.

    I have just set a "repeat alarm" on my mobile phone to remind me to do this.

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