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I became a Vegetarian about 4 months ago and ever since some people have been horrible to me about it. Some people have been saying that I'm stupid because I'm a Vegetarian and that we are supposed to eat meat. And it's not just my peers, I was talking to my Design Teacher about how my Science Teacher was also Vegetarian and he said "Well there are lots of silly people out there" and it just made me so angry. I am fed up of having to listen to this and I was wondering if this happened to any of you and how you dealt with it.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 07/14/15 04:23:51

    The millions of vegetarians and vegans in the world have all experienced the nastiness of others.

    One must simply live with the fact that humans basically believe what they want to believe. The human species is not nearly as intelligent (and certainly not as superior) as it sees itself...

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    Posted by anahidscv at 07/14/15 15:23:44

    Hello Ellie4animals4ever, I am sure most, if not all Vegans have experienced the same type of treatment. I call that ignorance on their part. I have come across three types of people 1) those who are interested and will try veganism 2) those who have respect for Vegans and the lifestyle and then 3) those who are ignorant, that will try to put you down and only to make sure they prove their point that meat eating is right and you can't survive without meat. To this day, I still come across those people, who are negative, and very close minded. Just like Bill Maher said, "America is "I dont want to know" society". He is right, they will continue eating meat and block the fact that it came from a living being and suffered a horrible death to be on your plate. I see these people as lying to themselves, as they don't want to face the truth. It exists whether they believe it or acknowledge it or not. You are in the right place and made the better choice for your health, the environment and the animals. Keep reminding that to yourself.

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    Posted by jannine214 at 07/15/15 00:55:07

    I can't eat red meat. It give me itchy

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 07/16/15 06:34:26


    I can't eat red meat either...or any other color of dead animal pieces. I respect the lives of animals too much. As long as I have a choice, I will be as close to vegan as possible.

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    Posted by HomesickMango at 07/16/15 12:07:58

    I try to not take it personally, especially when it's clear that they don't really know what they are talking about. Sometimes it's just too absurd.

    Btw, this is a funny video you may like:

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    Posted by RJS at 07/16/15 12:24:38

    That was a nasty thing for your design teacher to say, but they are probably overworked and underpaid and generally bitter.
    I was raised vegetarian and have had my share of crazy comments from daft people.
    But when you meet people who are cool with it, then they are the ones worth getting to know.
    You can think of witty comebacks but I've found the best response is to just shrug and smile.

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