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Indian vegetarian restaurant Prashad in Bradford has reached the semi-final of Ramsay's Best Restaurant. The programme will be broadcast on 9th November on Channel 4 at 9pm.

Gordon Ramsay described the food as 'extradordinary' and 'the best vegetarian cuisine'.

Hope you will all be rooting for Kaushy, Minal and the team.

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    Posted by Stevie at 11/03/10 11:29:52

    Any time I hear Gordon Ramsay speak he sounds like a numpty. He was on a tv program where he was supposed to turn around a vego restaurant in difficulty in Paris (it transpired because the manager was a spoiled rich kid who could only bother her bahookie when it suited her and she wasn't up to the commitment needed by the role). He revealed his secrets of good vego cooking to be lots of salt, butter and cream. Woopie do. Hardly words of genius as he clogs up everyone's arteries with dairy fat and gives everyone high blood pressure through too much sodium.

    He consistently uses veggie bashing as a cheap gimmick. I personally don't understand why anyone vegetarian would be interested in his opinion. From what I have seen his attempts at vego cooking are both unhealthy and unimaginitive. His attitude belies any genuine interest in vegetarianism as a concept.

    This is only my opinion of course and I completely accept the right of others to a different view point. Further I am happy to listen them.

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    Posted by kindlizard at 11/03/10 16:47:39

    Stevie said everything I would have and more. He also had a "reality" show or whatever trying to eat endangered or rare species. Jerk....

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