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I was just responding to another post and thought I'd post this info as a new topic as well. Referring to "Nutritional Yeast", which I'm sure many of you know about and use often. But for those who don't yet, this stuff is the vegan superfood ! It is thin yellow flakes, has a nice cheesy flavor, and is LOADED with vitamins and minerals. The "Red Star VSF" (veg support formula) variety is the best, and includes the critical vitamin B12, along with lots of protein, zinc, iron, selenium, as well as a long list of other goodness. It's an "inactive" yeast so it doesn't affect people with yeast sensitivities, and it's gluten free. Most natural food stores carry Nutritonal Yeast in their bulk departments, though they may not all have the VSF variety. If not then you should suggest it to the manager as the best available quality of that item, and urge them to make the switch. We have a Nutr.Yeast shaker here in our home and always just buy it in bulk and continually refill it. We use it on anything that goes well with a cheesy flavor- rice & bean dishes, pastas, pizzas, soups, salads, burritos, avocado dips, tofu scrambles, make cheesy sauces with it, and on and on. Just the other day my wife had a reunion here at our home with a bunch of former coworkers and I whipped up 4 vegan pizzas for them. The cheese part of the pizzas was a layer of Nutr.Yeast on the sauce, then I sauteed and crumbled Soyrizo (an incredible veggie sausage) on top of that, along with onions, roasted red peppers, baby spinach and green olives. People could not get enough of it, and none of those folks were veg, yet, it was delectable. Anyway, using Nutr.Yeast regularly is one great way of ensuring optimal health and energy as a vegan, or for anybody for that matter. But that's our little vegan family secret :-) There is a great book out called "The Nutritional Yeast Cookbook" by Joanne Stepaniak, that explains everything about it and contains tons of great recipes.

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    Posted by apetro at 07/24/08 09:44:31

    hey, thank you for this info! i am new to all this and have seen nutr. yeast used in many recipes but didn't have any idea what it was or used for. you have offered some great suggestions and i will try it now.

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    Posted by Katylynn2000 at 07/24/08 12:48:40

    That is some awesome information! Thanks a ton!

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    Posted by treehugger at 07/24/08 16:27:05

    Nutritional yeast is awesome!!

    I use it in seitan, quiche and cheese sauce.

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    Posted by Tom at 07/31/08 03:51:40

    Wowzers, that Quiche sounds good ! Can you share the recipe for that ? Thank you.

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    Posted by treehugger at 07/31/08 04:12:39

    You betcha!
    It is totally delicious and when I took it to a party - all the non vegans scoffed it up and said how good it was.
    I'll post it in the recipe section.

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    Posted by treehugger at 07/31/08 04:23:14

    Posted in Pies - though you'll have to wait a wee bit for it to be approved.

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