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Hey im new to the vegan thing, it was a bet that my friend and i have to go completely vegan for one month to see the results. Im going to be documenting everything from beg. to end. I was wondering if any of you guys are atheletes that could give me pointers on meals that are balanced and can help me get a good balanced meal or maybe give me examples of meals that i can do. i have read alot but i was wondering if i can get your personal opinions and who knows if i like it keep this vegan thing up as long as possible.

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    Posted by noedavne at 05/07/15 09:13:18

    Hi jeoper!
    I found the "Vegan Pledge" from the Vegan Society very helpful, they send you an email every day with useful information, tips, recipes and good resources.

    I'm sorry I can't give you much advise, I'm pretty new into this as well! Anyway, I hope you find this vegan thing as fulfilling as it's being for me.

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    Posted by Kayales_XC17 at 05/09/15 00:23:16

    Check out the blog and the book "No Meat Athlete."

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    Posted by Unnamed Narrator at 05/14/15 12:10:32

    Hi jeoper

    Legumes Legumes Legumes.

    I make my own hummus and eat it with everything. I highly recommend this to any vegan athlete. Also invest in a high quality non GMO vegan protein powder. I recommend SunWarrior or PeaProtein. (Although I respect Vega and VegaSport for their vegan approach, the ingredients cannot be certified non-GMO).

    STAY AWAY FROM SOY! (Want moobs and irrational emotional swings? No? Stay off any and all soy products {read: tofu, soy protein, soy milk..}).

    In order of importance for an athelete: Olive Oil, Beans, Nuts (unsalted), Garlic,cruciferous vegetables {read: cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprouts, kale, cress, bok choy and broccoli}, red grapes, pumpkin seeds (unsalted) and figs.

    The above foods are important because they promote testosterone support. (Testosterone, of course, being pretty key to training).

    Eat a LOT. Not all at once, just eat slow, steady and often (I like to eat to 3/4 full and then stop - and then maintain that throughout the day). Do not expect your meal portions to be the same to an omnivorous diet. (I personally eat about 4000 calories of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds per day. Think of how much food that is!) The caloric density is so low in many of these foods that you will require more to sustain your activity levels.

    The great news is that you will have much more energy, clarity and better organ (lung) function as a result of easier digestion (think less blood required in your guts = more blood in your brain, lungs and .. yes.. penis).

    I would suggest staying away from youtube vegans for a little while. Many of these people are simply there to bash meat eaters which really contradicts the pacifist ideals of veganism.

    Lastly, 1 month is child's play. You will still have undigested and digested meat hanging out in the folds of your large intestine (and weighing you down) 1 month after you decide to go vegan (unless you're implementing a fast + clysmatic colon cleanse?)... give yourself 3 - 6 - 12 months to discover the benefits of veganism.

    Trust that in the first month the difficulties will FAR OUTWEIGH any benefits you will see.

    Last but not least.. GET YOUR VITAMIN B12!!! To my knowledge, the only vegan source of B12 is in a blue-green algae. I use a product called BRAIN-ON by a company called E3 live. If you don't get your B12 you will feel and look like uncensored fecal matter {read: S#!T}.

    Good luck.


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