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Before i tell you about the journey i would like to begin by saying PLEASE do not judge or use rude criticism i would really appreciate it!

I have decided that i would like to become a vegetarian... this is my 3rd day not eating any form of meat.. My problem that i am having is that i love meat BUT i absolutely HATE the way the animals are treated in these processing plants! it is beyond absurd! So my reasoning for this is that i need some advice on what to eat and how to do this and keep on going.. thank you!

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    Posted by eric at 04/28/13 20:40:48

    Hello Veronica,
    We have a little guide for beginners here:
    Also, programs like this 21 day kick-starter by PCRM are helpful:
    Browse these forums for more info & feel free to ask questions here.
    Good luck!

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    Posted by AndyT at 04/29/13 03:24:20


    first of all, welcome to the forum, and of course, to a compassionate lifestyle.

    If you crave meat, there are a lot of "mock meats" in the form of veggie burgers, veggie sausages etc. They might help you if you have strong cravings.

    My personal experience was, about 25 years ago, when I wanted to find out how long I couls do without meat. At the beginning it was hard, but after about a month I was not missing it any more. I have not eaten meat since that.

    So go for it ... stay firm ... and you can do it!

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    Posted by vbaculum at 04/30/13 21:50:20

    Here's a good website:

    The craving for meat is temporary. It will pass within a few months at the most. If you have to, there is no harm in giving it up more gradually.

    Try to read something or watch a video every day about factory farming. If you stick to that, your desire for meat will simply shrivel up and die.

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    Posted by seanubs at 05/01/13 16:34:51

    It's really hard. What you are doing is beyond what people think is easy. It is a diet consisting of strict discipline and having the power to accept humility around others.
    3 days is a long time. Just remember that meat is an addiction. Among all the deliciousness, there is alot of pain involved to what you eat. Although it tastes good, the truth is much more grim.
    Avoiding cancer is what everyone wants. Cancer is very much linked to alot of heart diseases and cardiovascular diseases along with intestinal cancer. Vegans avoid all the bad things by eating strictly only plants.

    I once knew a man who went straight to vegan. Although he knew the health benefits, he gave up after 9 months. What he lacked was the passion to do it and acceptance of his own humility. He was egotistical and his ignorance brought him back to where he started: eating meat.

    You may slip just like I have when I first started 3 years ago. But I can say that it is both rewarding and beneficial. It can be very isolating and confining and also very socially awkward, but you will find people just like you and people that accept you for who you are! Friends don't pressure friends to do things that you don't want to do :) Family is there to love, not pressure. My dad's side I HATE because it is very awkward. My mom's side I love because they encourage me and pat me on the back for doing such a strenuous and hard task (well its not hard anymore lol). Just remember there will always be good and bad. You are doing an awesome job just trying

    you only live once- so be vegan and embrace your inner peace :)

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    Posted by Taylor Hill at 05/16/13 20:36:06

    I am the same way. I love eating meat but I dislike the treatment so I also made the choice to become vegetarian I and the animals you saved congratulate you on making this choice. Personally it isnt that hard. Just stay away from meat and also Gelatin ( Gummy bears or Jello even some types of icing will have it ) Also read lables for things like Beef fat. ( The tiny bite size Chocolate donuts have beef fat ) It will take some trial and error but you will learn and grow. Being a vegetarian is a process. Read labels and look up something if you are unsure of what it is. My best advice is do your best. As long as you really give 100% read labels and don't eat meat you will be fine. Nobody can be perfect you can only be your best. Feel free to add me and keep in touch if you need to. I will be happy to help a fellow Veggie. =)

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    Posted by DC1346 at 05/18/13 10:30:05

    I went vegan over a year ago. Like you, I wasn't raised as a vegetarian and my biggest problem with going vegan was that I missed the taste of my favorite comfort foods. My way of dealing with this was to create vegan version recipes of some of my favorite foods i.e. chicken fried steak, spaghetti with grilled Italian sausages and meatballs, pork tamales etc.

    I've actually started writing a cookbook series called "The Unintentional Vegan, Vegan Version Recipes of Popular Comfort Foods." Volume 1: Beef is currently being sold through Amazon.

    My suggestion to you would be to take it one day at a time. Don't worry if you're not into red beans and rice or bean curd. Visit your local health food store or go to one of the larger supermarkets. There are all sorts of faux foods out there ... frozen veggie burgers, luncheon meats, cheese etc.

    If you haven't watched the film, Vegucated, you might want to watch it. The film follows 3 non-vegan New York residents as they go on an all vegan diet for 6 weeks. You might pick up some ideas from watching this film. It's available via live streaming through Amazon.

    Best wishes!

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    Posted by loppy123 at 05/27/13 09:46:55

    What I always say is this: becoming vegetarian for animal welfare reasons (or religious reasons) will last, but turning vegetarian for environmental or health reasons does not last.

    In terms of diet, if you are still consuming dairy, try to avoid lipase, rennet and gelatin. You can look for Kosher Dairy or Kosher Pareve products.

    It's also best to try to avoid leather/suede etc. No need to throw out what you have, but next time you buy shoes, bags, etc., ask for non-animal materials.

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