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Hello!! Thought I would introduce myself. My name is Jessica and I have recently (February 4 to be exact) decided to eat a vegan diet. I watched multiple documentaries, but "Earthlings" is what really did it for me. I always knew that animal products came from animals, but NEVER did I ever imagine the blatant disrespect, cruelty and control issues involved. It is shocking, disgusting and inhumane. I can't even believe what I saw. I always pictured this happy little farm with happy chickens laying eggs and cows making milk and eating grass in the open etc. I knew cows were killed for their meat... but I guess I thought it was a process that was done ethically and respectfully. I am ashamed to admit I was one of those "ignorance is bliss" types.... but it isn't bliss for the animals. And I am glad that I have stumbled across the few documentaries I have found to open my eyes. People SHOULD see this sad truth because I wouldn't be surprised if there are others who have that cute farm image in their head either.

Anyways. That was my mini rant/introduction. Please bear with me as I have already been struggling. Not so much with meat, but cheese. Ugh. That has always been a staple to my diet. My husband and I went to Sprouts (he has also started the "vegan journey" with me) and we got imitation cheese slices.... eh... not doing it for me. They are all spongey and weird!! But I am doing my best to overcome this. I am really just not wanting to fail. It is not worth it.

Anyway, that is me. Glad to meet you all and be a part of this community. Hate to post and run but it is almost midnight and I am tired!! :)

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    Posted by trinitybourne at 02/09/14 00:36:15

    Hi Mizzgiz,

    Welcome to Happy Cow. It's a wonderful resource that I've been tuning into for years now.

    There are lots of different vegan options available - try your local health food store - there may be all kinds of stuff that you've never heard of before in there. Keep an open mind... your taste buds may well change and adapt (and your body will thank you for it).

    I wrote a blog '12 Tips to Help You Stay Vegan' recently: that may be of support.

    I wish you all the best with your vegan journey. Keep exploring. Keep unfolding. It's wonderful to have you on board.


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    Posted by mirkelly at 02/09/14 04:39:11

    I'm mirco Hello everyone I am a vegetarian for two years ...... and I want to share my vegetarian recipes .......

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 02/09/14 06:34:50

    There are quite a few soy and nut "cheeses" on the market. Be careful and read the labels, - most contain casein, the protein in milk, which by the way is responsible for many allergic reactions in babies and adults.

    Try to buy organic brands or at least non-GMO products. Avoid brands that involve foreign companies as their standards are generally lower than those here...I stopped using "Silk" products years ago, when I learned about their business.

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    Posted by mizzgiz at 02/09/14 08:04:35

    Thank you all for your responses!! :) we have gotten a lot of other certified vegan non gmo things, so I will continue to search for Non GMO products. I feel like there's this whole new world of food choices now. Very exciting. :D

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    Posted by Cascadian at 02/09/14 11:05:47

    Hello & Welcome Jessica! :)

    While being Vegan just keeps getting easier, more common and so much more convenient - it also can take some time to get settled in to the lifestyle change/s that you've chosen.

    Here's an inspiring quote that I came across recently which I think is a helpful reminder of why we choose to be Vegan: "The difference between people who state veganism is easy and those who state veganism is hard, is those who say it's easy are focused on the victims, while those who say it's hard are focused on themselves."

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    Posted by HereHere at 02/10/14 07:25:55

    Hi MizzGiz,
    I'm glad you are taking steps on the vegan path. Eliminating cheese was the scariest thing for me, as it was (in my mind) my major source of protein before becoming vegan. However, within 30 days of being vegan, I didn't crave cheese. There are times when I'd like a grilled cheese sandwhich, and I make one with daiya (tapioca) cheese; or I crave macaroni and cheese, which I make using nutritional yeast, which I love. I'm so glad you are excited about the new options that are opening up for you!
    For most of us, veganism is a lifestyle (not just a diet). I hope, in due time, you will also decide this for yourselves. Regardless, the fact that you are embracing a vegan diet is a life-saving and life-affirming step that is very meaningful. I hope you enjoy the vegan journey as much as I do (vegan 3.5 years and loving it).

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    Posted by TheVegetableAddict at 02/12/14 08:10:02

    Hi Jennifer congratualtions and welcome to team veg . I must admit that I'm a lacto-vegetarian and have gone back forth between veganism and lacto-veg. Since I'm just a college student, it takes a lot of extra diligence and persistence to stop eating something that your family buys and to stop eating something that everyone in the house eats. I have thought about veganism for a long time now and have pondered it. Still addicted to cheese? Avocado, olive oil, almond butter, silken tofu, name brand vegan cheese. Google has the answers to all your fake cheese needs. If you want a direct cheese replacement, silken tofu did it for me along with products that were made to look like cheese. Keep on going!

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    Posted by TheVegetableAddict at 02/12/14 09:33:06

    Whoops sorry Jessica! I think I typed Jennifer as your name when I sent my reply. My fault.

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    Posted by doradeexploora at 04/08/14 16:32:02

    I am new to the vegan community as well. Cheese has been the most difficult thing to replace but I have found that the shredded version of the cheese tends to taste a lot better. I buy both the mozzerella-style and the cheddar-style and use both in my mac and 'cheese', my mashed potatoes, grilled 'cheese' etc. It gives you the same flavor, especially if it is melted!!! Hope this helps!

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