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You've heard me right! So, at midnight, I will no longer have meat. I decided that I would still drink skim milk and only use eggs if truly needed. Otherwise, my journey will begin the same second the 2012 begins!

I made a blog to document progress and share stories or recipes that I find. (: If anyone cares, I'll post the link. Maybe we can chat!

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    Posted by MaliceForAlice at 12/31/11 19:57:58


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    Posted by petcrusader at 01/02/12 13:27:44

    Good luck with your resolution.

    Check out a brand called Quorn. They have a range of meat substitutes, not soy, and mainly sold in Whole Foods. It's from the UK so only a few products are in U.S. Worth checking out, and quite tasty. The fake meat can be used for cottage pie, stir fry with the chicken pieces and make a sauce for the meatballs.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 01/02/12 21:29:45

    Congratulations! I am sooooo excited for you!

    Your blog is awesome.

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    Posted by VeganSally at 01/02/12 21:37:41

    That's the best resolution ever!

    I agree w/ Petcrusader that Quorn products r yummy. Also, check out Morningstar Farms Chik patties. They have them in basically every supermarket. You will wonder why you ever ate real (a/k/a dead) chicken. This stuff is so good!

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    Posted by wendypc at 01/06/12 10:58:59

    Congrats & good luck to you! My New Year's resolution is to be a vegetarian, too. So far so good....

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    Posted by sean o at 01/03/12 18:34:48

    That a girl >>>>

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    Posted by janice_dale at 03/02/12 21:05:47

    Good luck to you. Hope you maintain your being vegan this year and not just to look good but to keep fit also.:)Just like me, I'm a vegetarian I eat brown rice instead of white rice simply because it will gain you more weight.I drinkl a lot of water and healthy diet same with exercise. Hope it helps.:)

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