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I make all of the meals in my house, although my family is vegetarian, I usually only make them food with no meat. But they complain sometimes and tell me that I am weird for not eating meat. I am also conflicted when I buy meat products for them at the grocery store, but I feel like as a mother and a wife I should feed them and buy them what they want to eat. I am very conflicted about this. Does anyone the same problem or have and good advice for me?

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    Posted by veggiegirl66 at 02/25/13 09:05:06

    I meant to say that my family(husband and son) are not vegetarian or vegan.

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    Posted by savetheanimals at 02/25/13 11:05:23

    I think you should try to get your family to live more ethically. I would try to give them as much information as possible. I would get them to watch Gary Yourofsky's speech on There are lots of other great vegan videos full of information that are also good but I would start with that one first. (if that doesn't work more information wouldn't hurt) Don't feed them any animal products. I wouldn't allow any animal products in the house if I were you. I know you know whats going on because your a vegan. Animals grow up there whole lives in the most miserable conditions possible then taken to the slaughterhouse and get there throat slit while they are still alive. Why would you want your family to grow up unethical and unhealthy. (I know you know all the heath problems animal products cause too) For taste? you know how good vegan food can be. Ask what they want and you can make a vegan version of it that taste just as good. Humans need to learn the truth and if we don't even let our family grow up knowing it the earth is [censored]ed.

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    Posted by SeekerOfTheWay at 04/01/13 14:26:41

    My husband is is not vegan. In fact he is a huge meat eater. I won't cook his meals but I do pick up food for him at the store. Not in the meat department though since that makes me sick.

    You can't force your beliefs on others. He will never go vegan or vegetarian.

    When I am alone, after him, I will not allow meat in my house.

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