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Here's the deal, I'm looking into not eating meat. That said, I'd like to avoid the 'high horse' vegetarians. If you have an opinion on how KFC treats their chickens, that means you.

Aside from their traditional functions as a food source I don't really care about animals. Don't get me wrong, I'm not twisting my moustache and kicking dolphins - but I'd gladly eat one in a pinch.

I've been having trouble finding a community for people who choose not to eat meat for reasons other than anthropomorphic neoteny. Perhaps you could suggest one?


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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 01/05/10 18:59:23

    HappyCow may not be the right place for you Doc - folk here tend to be rather fond of animals / especially cows.

    There are many sites / groups that fit your requirements 100% - try -

    Dr. John McDougall - - health focus only.

    Dr. Joel Fuhrman - - health focus only.

    Dr. Alan Goldhamer - - health focus only.

    To find decomposing dolphins to munch on consider taking a vacation in Taiji in Japan -

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    Posted by shearwater at 01/07/10 07:13:36

    That's alright Doc, we all have people we like to avoid. I like to avoid people who don't care that KFC treats their chickens horribly. But I'd still like to share a bit of recent news with those of you who'd gladly eat a dolphin in a pinch, as well as with the rest of the happy cows most of whom do have the capacity to care beyond their own selfish needs.

    Scientists conducting dolphin intelligence studies at Emory University in Atlanta have recommended that dolphins be treated as "non-human persons." According to the article this "has profound implications for the ethics of human-dolphin interactions.”

    Hopefully you don't have to be on a "high horse" to appreciate this news.

    Good luck trying the veggie lifestyle Doc. It's a great way to learn compassion.

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