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I have just tried to be environmentally friendly and buy a Plug-in Prius car but have discovered that the only seat options are leather or cloth with leather bolsters! I had to say no and walk out of the showroom. It's also been a problem in the past when if you want a higher specification model you find that they come with a leather steering wheel. Does anyone else have any experience of this and has anyone ever had success getting their car supplied with a non-leather version or do you turn a blind eye?

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 10/07/16 19:27:25

    Did you ask the dealer if he could do anything?

    Pretty much all cars have leather in them somewhere. Few people think about leather being a slaughterhouse product, so it doesn't matter much to carmakers.

    One of the reasons I sold my last car 18 yrs. ago.

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    Posted by mCs at 10/09/16 16:49:18

    The dealer did offer to strip out the leather and replace with cloth for £1,200 but there didn't seem much point in doing that (the car was second-hand so the leather was already installed).

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    Posted by ILETUB at 10/12/16 18:14:53

    I just bought a Kia Soul EV (full electrical vehicle), no leather and recycled materials :-)

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    Posted by JessGoneRaw at 10/13/16 17:31:15

    My car interior is ALL leather. It makes me sick to think that I bought it without thinking twice, actually I liked the leather because it was light, and had air conditioned seats. How selfish and superficial I have been in the past.

    I recently asked my boyfriend what he thought about getting it reupholstered, he said it wouldn't save the cow... he is right, and I made a naive ridiculous decision in getting this car. I thought because it was hybrid I was doing a good thing.

    Fast forward to now, never again, if us following an ethical vegan lifestyle raise our voices about this, maybe change will be made.

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    Posted by GoveganLiferecipe at 10/15/16 16:06:03


    I just bought a car where i choose not to select leather seats and also kept in mind my other accessories in the car are also non leather. I personally feel these days car manufacturers are giving option seats between leather and non-leather.

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    Posted by tooyoungtopolka at 11/12/16 00:51:40

    One way to look at life is to avoid animal products when possible and always buy used.....for now that is the best advice I can give to save animals AND your sanity! We have to be in this for the long haul so avoid extra worry and do your best! Vegans are truly a wonderful and caring lot and the examples set are worth keeping up! When you can put on a happy face out in the non vegan community they will notice and who knows, maybe start to connect the dots! Peace my friend!

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