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Hi guys!

I am a new team member. I am gonna have a clear idea about honey. I am quite sure it is bad for vegans but for vegetarians?

What do you think about it?

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    Posted by Hellhound at 12/21/16 18:22:55

    Honey is very good for your health I know that but is it cruel to bees? I think it depends on how they are farmed, some are farmed better than others so buy organic honey but even with that you have the problem with when a bee stings it dyes and bees sting when people take their honey. I don`t think vegans eat honey because it`s an animal product but if your a vegetarian it depends on how you feel about it.

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    Posted by swissglobetrotter at 12/21/16 19:39:13

    Honey as any other "animal product" is a result of animal abuse and has to be avoided. On a human consumption perspective honey is literally insect vomit and some use it as a sweetener. There are tens of alternative sweeteners that are healthier, tastier while not being disgusting nor abusing others. Besides the various types of brown and white sugar, there are maple syrup, agave syrup, coconut sugar,... and many more.
    Bees make honey for themselves as a food reserve. How well or bad they are farmed clearly will result in more or less that will die in the process of collecting the honey. Queen bees often have their wings cut. As well as they can be treated once again bees make honey for their own consumption. They work extremely hard to collect it, even to exhaustion and dead. This so some freak can go and steal their food to give a sweeter taste to his own meals. Bees are either left a small part of their productions so they will not starve to dead or the whole food is stolen and replaced with water and sugar to keep them alive.

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    Posted by arb84820 at 12/21/16 20:21:59

    Here is a great website for explaining why honey is not vegan:

    Hopefully is answers some questions for you!

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