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Just had a baby, want it to be 100% began from day 1. Does feeding it my breast milk violate veganism? A quick response would be good as I won't feed it until I know for sure xx

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    Posted by Wolfmoon at 03/29/16 04:19:19

    It is your milk, that your body produced precisely to feed your baby, so you must feed them that milk for their survival. It does not violate veganism because nobody is taking it away from you to drink it like it's taken away from cows.

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    Posted by QuothTheRaven at 04/02/16 06:48:36

    Yes, of course. It's your milk created for your baby. Therefore vegan. It's the only kind of milk a human needs.

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    Posted by daniel2 at 04/02/16 07:59:59

    BM is the best that can happen to your baby!

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