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When I was younger my then step mother was vegetarian and would buy a canned product that came out whole and we would slice up. I thought it was Nutolene, however the product we used to eat was white and very delicious. It had a very smooth and soft texture.

I have been looking for ages and can't seem to find this product. Can any one out there help with a name? I am talking about the late 70's early 80's.

Thank you.

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    Posted by rockyroy at 12/26/17 06:51:50

    From birth to younger and i think till end of life i only prefer vegan meals and everything what is like, all wearing and makeup kept vegan product not only for my choice always protection of animals and against cruelty free fashion and be possible because of my inherits are preferred vegan and promote veganism. And i humbly request to all human being don't promote cruelty things like fashion and foods its makes by animals they also have feelings and sentient like us.

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