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hey guys
my name is ethan and i'm 14, afew weeks ago I desided to become a vegetarian and i think i have seen the light finally, but i have a problem,and i don't wanna eat meat anymore! but my parents are tryin to stop meh becoming a vegetarian they laugh at me, i just dunno what to do!
spically my mom, she's drivin' me crazy!!
she keeps sayin' that im only a little kid and i can become a vegetarian when i grew up! and thingz like this!
should i listen to them? or should i do what i believe!
can you guys help meh with this?
could somebody gimme some advice plz?

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    Posted by StephenS at 07/26/14 21:30:10

    Nice Ethan - Congrats! Stay strong in your beliefs and ideals. And the best way to combat negative reaction to your choice is to first;
    educate yourself about the necessities, as well as the attitudes of others. Once you have a good understanding of why you are doing what you are doing and how it is helping you, mentally, spiritually, physically, it will be easier for you to make this understood to others and to assuage their doubts and concerns.
    secondly, as a result of educating yourself;
    Do it right! Equip yourself with the tools and info you need to be healthy and strong. Being veg isn't harder, but it is something you need to understand so you don't miss out on any essentials in your diet. When you're eating a healthy veg diet and are living a healthy life it's pretty hard for folks to question what you're doing beyond their own prejudice and preconception.
    - As to your age. It's great! I was also 14 when I went veg (I'm 40 now) and I can tell you honestly that I am one of the healthiest folks you'll ever meet. I haven't needed a doctor in 20 years. I'm super active and energetic. I don't even understand the concept of depression. And, my diet has given me an opening into so many opportunities to get involved in the community and the world. Not to mention, when you're veg your diet really opens up and leaves the world of brown and white to a vibrant rainbow of colors and flavors.
    - A quick web search for "Vegetarian Teen" will give you a ton of info. And of course there is all the blogs, forum and recipes here on Happy Cow.

    To get you started -

    Great Job My Friend and Best Wishes. By the way - beyond going veg when I was 14 - I also went Vegan when I was 20. So you've got an amazing stoked journey ahead of you!!

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    Posted by The Hammer at 07/27/14 01:38:15

    talk to your mother in private and show her an undercover video from abused farm animals where the workers kick animals and do cruel things! Tell her that is why you did go veg and ask her to stop bugging you because it makes you soooo sad (maybe toss in a few tears...) and you simply really don't want to eat meat but you want her support you or you feel so lonely.
    You are a kid so you should use your "kid powers", look sad, cry a little bit, be sentimental and make your mother feel guilty.
    Cold facts alone will not change your mothers heart...

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    Posted by dkdkfkoooeeo at 08/29/14 19:34:37

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 08/29/14 19:50:59

    hi ethan14,
    You should do what you believe. It is your body and your soul. You need to follow your conscious. That said, until you are on your own, your parents can make life very difficult for you. After all, usually one's parents make the money, do the shopping and do the cooking. So you need to get them on your side as much as is possible.

    Focus on getting them to understand why you are making the change, and aim to be as confident as possible. You may want to read this excerpt from a vegan teen on how he dealt with his parents:

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 08/30/14 08:11:36


    Well said!

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