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Hello All

I’m on my way to becoming a vegan mainly out of concern for animals.

My whole life, I’ve loved animals. I walked in the countryside the other day and went crazy over the most adorable little lambs in the farmer’s field. I shook my head at myself thinking, ‘how absurd is this? Yes the lamb is cute - but you’re ok with that little lamb being murdered and you’d eat it!’ I’ve had no desire to eat meat since.

I’m preparing for the backlash, when I tell people I’m going vegan.
I recall one person telling me ages ago that should it be the case that humans did not eat meat and if meat was removed from the food chain, mankind would collapse.

I don’t know how but I recall them being quite adamant and aggressive over this.

Does anyone have any insight in to this? Could anyone give me an idea as to how to answer this if I am faced with this argument.

It’s a shame that people sometimes aren’t able to make lifestyle choices without arguments and abuse. I have been in the company of vegetarians who have been given a hard time for this choice. I’ve always supported vegetarians when this has happened mainly by arguing, ‘what’s the problem? Why is this so offensive to you?!’

Thank you so much xx

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 04/13/18 23:40:44

    The way I handle it is to say I eat for health. eating lower on the food chain means you can feed all the people in the world, and I love and respect all life including animals. Respect my choices as I respect your. Don't argue. They know you are right. Be strong.

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    Posted by matijars at 04/16/18 12:41:38

    An Eskimo diet is made almost entirely only from meat so Eskimos are living proof that humans can survive on meat, but the average lifespan of Eskimos is 68 years. This is 10 years less than the average of other populations (Source:

    Furthermore, Eskimos have excessive mortality due to cerebrovascular strokes. Their overall mortality is twice as high as that of non-Eskimo populations,

    So it's a fact, humans can indeed survive on meat, but they thrive on a whole food plant-based diet. And I don't want to just survive, I want to thrive. Every day, full energy.

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