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Please see the link below for a masterpost on how to make sure your tattoo is vegan!

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    Posted by webmaster at 06/03/14 00:08:26

    Hi HappyCowGirl, What happened to this thread?

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    Posted by The Hammer at 06/02/14 23:00:59

    Holy Cow! what happened to all the many other replies? Isn't this the "Vegetarian DISCUSSION Topics"? By removing most of the replies there is little discussion, eh?

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 06/02/14 08:51:38

    Everyone, before you get new ink please read Veegannn's blog page above. Especially considering a tattoo is on your body for life, you want your ink to be vegan!

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 06/03/14 10:34:32

    Everyone can relax. No one abhors censorship more than I do. And that is why, Hammer, I understand you may have been unduly censored on other websites and perhaps you are afraid that will happen to you here as well. It will not. However, please be aware that as Moderator I will occasionally clean up threads. Even that I try to do as seldom as possible to allow for the maximum amount of individual expression. When I do make changes, it is generally because I am making the content easier to peruse for our members. Far from hindering discussion, my goal is always to enhance it. For example, in this case the entire purpose of this member's post was to share a link with us about vegan tattoos. Her link did not come through in her original post. The next 4 posts consisted of her & I going back and forth trying to provide the link she wanted. And her thanking me for my link but telling me I had the wrong one and indeed the information was outdated. I doubt someone coming upon this thread for first time wants to read through that, and indeed had they clicked on the link I provided they would have received inaccurate information. Accordingly, this is preciously the type of thread I will take the time to clean up.

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    Posted by webmaster at 06/03/14 11:03:09

    Thank you happycowgirl. :o)

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    Posted by StephenS at 07/13/14 13:02:09

    Hehe - I think the best way to make sure to get a Vegan Tattoo - is to make sure to use a Vegan Artist!!

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