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I have been trying to become a vegetarian for 1 or 2 years now. I'm in High School and i've been eating the horrible options they have. Nothing my school has is Vegetarian friendly. The salads have little pieces of chicken and i'm not able to pick them out because they basically mince it to a point where it's combined with the salad. I'm not able to have my school specially prepare anything without meat in it because we "need to have meat with our lunches".

I've now told my mom i want to become vegetarian and she doesn't think it's a good idea. She was a vegetarian all throughout High School, but got sick due to poor choices in food, so she's now eating meat after 20 years. I've told her what i will be willing to eat and will even pack my own lunches and she still thinks that it's a bad idea.
"Where will you get your protein?" She always says.
I've told her that all she will need to do is buy the food and i'll cook it and prepare it.

So what i'm saying is that i have a school and parents who don't want me to be vegetarian, but i do have a very supportive boyfriend who says that he will be okay with whatever i do.

I don't know what i should do. I don't want to eat animals at all. Where should i start? How should i do this?

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 01/18/15 06:30:34

    I suggest printing out some literature about vegetarian diets (or preferably vegan diets - dairy products present all the same problems as flesh and more) from the Internet, or borrowing a book or two from the library for her to peruse.

    I offered a booklist on another thread on this site last week.

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    Posted by MyGreenDiaries at 01/18/15 16:43:06

    I agree with ahimsa find some literature that shows her that a veg diet is better than a meat one. I love he is a doctor that advocates a plant based lifestyle. All his findings come from scientific research so you can explain to you mum that there is a benefit to being vegetarian. I would stress that go for a plant based diet (veg, fruit, wholegrains, nut and seeds) not a diet high in processed food for example lots of vegetarian pizza, fake meat subs and processed fruit juice etc. A diet high in processed foods regardless if you are a meat eater or vegetarian is bad for your health.
    If she is worried about protein organic soya milk is great. Please go for the organic soya because majority of soya grains are genetically modified.
    If you need some inspiration for healthy vegetarian meals and your on instagram follow me @mygreendiaries (Harmeet). Hope that helps. Let me know how it goes xxx

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    Posted by MirandaThompson at 04/01/15 13:20:20

    I'm in the same situation. I decided one day to become vegetarian and I just figured out. I went through a junk food phase where I just ate like cheese pizza and stuff because I didn't know what else to eat. I told my parents and they weren't happy. I bought my own groceries and I just take care of myself now. It takes a lot of motivation coming from yourself to do it but it's possible. It may lead to a few fights but you just need to stay strong. You're going to graduate soon and you'll be able to decide for yourself.

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    Posted by Kayales_XC17 at 05/09/15 00:47:23

    I understand. I'm currently going through the Protein Struggle in college, haha. You would think that as an independent 20 year old, I would have no problems with my parents nagging about protein but they still manage to worry.

    I agree, read all you can. I recently ordered some books from Amazon and am doing research to show my parents that they don't need to worry.

    I think this book will help you:

    Good luck,

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