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hi guys,

I am a new vegan. I am searching for healthy alternatives to vegetable oil/ cooking oils, that do not compromise the flavor of the food( I am trying to convert my family into vegans too :))

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 03/13/16 05:37:02

    To answer your question, one must first know what you mean by "vegetable oil" and "cooking oils".

    Natural vegetable oils are a part of good nutrition. I'd be more concerned about the choice of oils than searching for a substitute.

    I use only organic, cold-pressed olive oil, which I and millions of others believe adds to the flavor of foods. Organic flax seed oil has multiple benefits, but does not keep very long without the flavor sometimes becoming "fishy".

    The many vegetable oils (an almost endless list) vary as to how high temperature affects their flavor, nutrients and digestibility. So some are better for frying, for example. They also vary in the percentage of saturated fat. Even the "best" of vegetable oils are not good if consumed in excess.

    There are thousands of websites and books that address these things in great detail. Some are listed on this website.

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    Posted by DavyKOTWF at 03/20/16 17:22:04

    In many peoples' views, coconut oil is even better than olive oil and is the best. Once you try it, you'll never go back to anything else. Really!

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