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It would be great if Happy Cow would start a classified section for advertising rentals and other services. It's so hard to find vegan or vegetarian roommates. My wife and I are renting a room in our apartment but finding a good fit has been difficult. We live in old town Gaithersburg in a new luxury apartment with awesome amenities. The rent is $1000, which includes utilities and high-speed wi-fi.

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    Posted by La_diavolo at 02/15/16 12:23:47

    Maybe you should check the new social network Miramir- .It's an alternative network and they are launching soon. It looks promising to me. I am vegetarian and i see it as a good chance to connect with people who are like me.

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    Posted by googledat at 02/15/16 15:31:14

    I'll have a look. Thanks

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    Posted by La_diavolo at 02/16/16 01:45:57

    You are welcome. Cheers !

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