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Hi HappyCow-ers!
I've recently started moving my skincare/beauty products to cruelty free only - there hasnt been any scientific advances in such areas for at least 50 years so animal testing is not only cruel, it's unnecessary!
So in my switch, I've found everything switches nice and easy, except deodorant. They're hard to get here, but the two I've found (Wholistic and Lush) both just didnt work at all for me - I'd start to smell gross after a few hours and it just wasnt working. Since I'll be forking out $25-30 plus $10-20 shipping for it (living here has some real downsides!) I dont want to just buy willy-nilly!

Does anyone out there have the same problem, and has found a solution? I'd love to hear it!

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    Posted by anahidscv at 04/06/16 16:41:55

    Hi Misscarrion, Me too, I had trouble finding a good one that will work with my body's ph so after buying so many different ones, I am very happy with Toms of Maine Natural Powder scent. I stay dry, doesn't have strong horrible scent and its cruelty free and vegan as well.

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    Posted by QuothTheRaven at 04/06/16 17:03:22

    Tom's of Maine is owned by Colgate.

    My two favourites are Schmidt's and Pachy by Rustic Maka.

    Kiss My Face Active Life is pretty good too.

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    Posted by Clalex at 04/07/16 13:45:44

    Desert Essence's deodorants are wonderful and feels natural. I sometimes make my own deodorant by using essential oils, coconut oil, baking soda and arrowroot powder.

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 04/07/16 21:44:15

    I recommend Lush products. Also, you can make your own with unrefined coconut oil, corn starch, baking soda, and essential oils - cedar or lavender or frankincense, with a few drops of tea tree for its cleansing properties.

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    Posted by Amy1274 at 04/08/16 00:02:40

    I agree with the above poster that making your own is a good option - for a very cosst-effective method, simply bicarbonate of soda on it's own works. Just pat it on to dry skin.

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    Posted by itseasybeinggreen at 04/11/16 16:51:08

    I have tried A LOT of deodorants, including making my own but they either didn't work or I got a terrible rash UNTIL Thai Crystal... 5 bucks, works all day, every day. Important note: Make sure the packae says THAI CHRYSTAL and you have to wet and rub the crystal on each armpit for awhile, like 30 seconds, until you feel it dry out. Can't just make one pass over the area. One crystal lasts for months and months!

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    Posted by saveur at 04/12/16 18:28:42

    I really like LaVanila. Works well even in Texas heat!

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    Posted by VegFriends at 06/28/16 23:38:42

    I've tried many alternative brands of deodorant and none of them worked for me. I was pleasantly surprised at how well Primal Pit Paste works - it is amazing! I use the Orange Creamsicle scent and it does not irritate my skin, glides on smoothly, and works all day. Best wishes on your journey!

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    Posted by ChiaChild at 08/14/16 09:21:25


    I love the lush Deo bar called "T'eo" made from super absorbent powders lemon and juniper berry. Smells gr8 too! No I do not work for Lush but I wish I did! ;). To be honest this is the ONLY one which has worked for me. When it is hot I reapply it during the day which is easy to do as it is small enough to pop it in your bag if you need to. Tins are available to purchase at lush to store your products I if you want to.

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    Posted by KendaWilson at 03/24/17 17:27:32

    I have this certified cruelty free product that are from PETA (in case you are interested it called the People for the ethical treatment of animals). It's called Certain Dri and its made for excessive sweating and odor control. I love it because its not tested on animals and all companies that are certified by PETA, which are 3 million members and supporters. and its the largest animal rights organization. Anyways, as a product is work exceptionally well. Give me three days of protection and I only have to apply it at night before I can to sleep. I really like this product and figured I would share this cruelty free deodorant. Check it out at to see the different products they have.

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    Posted by debbitage at 03/25/17 05:33:48

    I love two brands,, which is the perfect combo of vegan, organic, sustainable and ethical. I love the Patchouli Orange deodorant which contains organic oils (including coconut which makes a good deodorant on its own), and arrowroot powder instead of baking soda. There are 2 other scents as well as other body products.

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    Posted by sydneyhumble at 03/26/17 11:36:39

    I use the Thai crystal. I found it at Bulk Barn, you can find them at health food and natural stores too. It lasts forever and for me it works very well. I am lucky enough to not really have much body odour, especially since being vegan. So I am not sure how heavy duty it is. But it's also cheap. So worth a shot!

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    Posted by debbitage at 03/26/17 12:11:55

    Sorry, but half of my answer didn't make it in original post. My other favorite brand is from Spinster Sisters Co., It is also made with arrowroot instead of baking soda and works really well. They have many other great products, too.

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    Posted by MegyDMLee at 04/08/17 12:21:11

    My husband and I both use Bali Secrets and you can get it on Amazon Prime! Vegan and organic

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    Posted by Spencer89 at 04/10/17 01:43:26


    My wife and I are the makers of The Kinder Way Cosmetics! We make all vegan, all natural and cruelty free deodorant and skincare! Our deodorant really does work, it started our whole small business! We also only use glass bottles and jars for our packaging!

    Check us out on etsy!

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    Posted by KennethJohnson at 04/15/17 09:21:35

    Did not came across such problem yet!

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