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How many of you watched video below?
I think, it takes heart of devil to continue consuming animal products after watching video of shocking brutalities.
It is very hard for me to believe some people can torture innocent defenseless farm animals so cruelly.
I hope these criminals are going to locked up in prison for life and never again involve in shameful sadistic torture and slaughter of farm animals!
All law makers need to watch video to educate themselves about reality of animal products they eat.

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    Posted by Veggi1 at 02/09/11 14:06:44

    I love Mercy for Animals. They have an extremely TOUGH job - undercover investigations. I know that I could not do what they do. They are a phenomenal organization!

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    Posted by sunshine7 at 02/09/11 15:24:05

    Veggi1, I agree with you 100%.When I stop and think, I am more like abolitionist than Animal Welfare person knowing sadistic torture of farm animals in slaughterhouses and livestock farms.I was banned from pet lovers forum and many Christian forums because I exposed shocking video of slaughterhouses and livestock farms and spoke against consumption of animal products.In my opinion, Amish people are cold blooded heartless people when we speak about treatment of animals but there are many true Christians who truly love and respect all creatures of God therefore I am not against all Christians.How can we expect true peace on this earth knowing billions of innocent defenseless farm animals are being tortured to death for meat,dairy, egg lovers and law makers are not doing anything to prevent brutalities against farm animals!

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