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Vegetarian "meat" is a centuries-old tradition in East Asia. In
countries like China, Japan and Thailand, Buddhist vegetarians have
kept alive a special cuisine that resembles real animal meat made from
soybeans, wheat gluten, and other non animal or purely vegetarian

The culinary skills applied in preparing "Vegetarian Meat" were as
perfect for a blindfolded person to find no differences between a Non
vegetarian preparation and a vegetarian preparation. Originally made
as a special cuisine in Buddhist monasteries, mock meat as an
exquisite item remained as secret in most parts of the Buddhist
influenced parts of the World.

However the first time in India, the S.H.A.M .K International Pvt. Ltd
has launched SAMALI – A 100% vegetarian substance which embodies the
original concept of Non Vegetarian food.

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    Posted by meenakshiamman at 02/19/09 01:54:37

    I find this strange that a country with so many great vegetarian dishes would need a meat substitute.

    Even the people in India who eat meat love the traditional vegetarian dishes.

    I'm not saying there's anything wrong with a meat substitute...but..
    Personally, I'd rather have Indian dishes containing lentils, chickpeas, eggplant or potatoes before I would go for a meat substitute.

    Now I want Indian food!

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