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Hey all, first post. It's probably going to get long so sorry ahead of time!

Ok so ever since I was little I've wanted to be a vegetarian, I've always loved animals. This past summer, reading the book Fast Food Nation finally gave me the kick (a disturbing kick) I needed to get moving on it.

Now I've been one for about 6 months (I think) and am very happy. However one thing has been getting to me lately. It's not that I feel better than other people for choosing to be a vegetarian, it's just that I REALLY wish more people at least thought about where their food comes from.

So many people don't give a [censored] as to where the stuff they are eating even comes from and how much suffering went into creating it.

Most of the time I pride myself on not being an "annoying vegetarian". I rarely if ever nag my friends or even my boyfriend to become one.
But sometimes I get so frustrated and just want to scream to the world "Do you even know where the crap you stuff in your craw COMES FROM!?"

I don't claim to know everything about my food. I'm not a vegan though I'd like to be so even I contribute to the cruelty of the food industry.

I guess what I'm looking for is just more general awareness. I get so pissed when I see the images of happy cows at pasture on milk cartons at supermarkets, the image is just such a blatant lie. But the sad part is, most Americans probably think that's where there meat and milk comes from; happy cows on happy little farms, rather than from cramped, disease-ridden feedlots. I mean get a clue!

I just wish there was a way I could make people care about and be aware of what they eat, and what they are supporting, but without being that obnoxious vegetarian girl. =/ (my cousin chelsea has been the poster child for that girl, and I hear my family members complain about her all the time.)

I'm so so so sorry for writing a novel here. Really this was totally ridiculous for a first post. But this has been bothering me all day and I can't really bitch to most of my friends about it so I needed somewhere to vent.

Thanks a lot.

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    Posted by kindlizard at 03/12/08 23:03:35

    Start a journal

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    Posted by gr8vegan at 03/16/08 05:06:59

    Become vegan is a process. Any long time vegans here can tell you the evolutionary process they've gone through. I'm about to the point were I'm going to carry around copies of the China Study / McDougall Plan / McDougall Newsletters in a vegan brief case and just pass out the info to everyone who will listen. The evidence for health / environment / compassion toward animals is overwhelming and when you first clue into it, it becomes sickening that other's don't care to open their eyes. You can either go about it stressed out and frustrated or enjoy life and be thankful for the small changes you're able to make. I promise the 2nd way is the best!

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    Posted by Yoshi at 03/18/08 09:29:09

    To respond to your line above: "Most of the time I pride myself on not being an "annoying vegetarian". I rarely if ever nag my friends or even my boyfriend to become one." I'd like to commend you on that. I know I've run into some not-so-GR8, not so SENSIBLE people in my life time who do nothing but nag, and tell everyone they are wrong. They blindly follow the teachings of some quack, whose sole purpose is to sell books and food products, not much different than Dr. Atkins if you ask me. Apparently they believe that if a study says that something is good or bad for you, than it must be true. In that case, I've read that dairy is very healthful. I think I'm gonna start smoking too, cigarette companies said it's OK. [censored], pork is "the other white meat," so that must be healthful too. It must be, someone told me. McDougall's website is nothing but a marketplace for his crap. Books, DVDs, salt laden food products, you can even purchase and download e-lectures. Face it, the guy is in it for the money, and anyone who falls for it is buying into his scheme. Are you familiar with Macrobiotics? Michio Kushi and his wife Aveline are modern day gurus of macrobiotic living. They claim that macrobiotics can not only prevent, but can also reverse many illnesses, including cancer. Aveline even wrote a book titled "The Cancer Prevention Diet." She later died of cancer. Their daughter, also a follower of macrobiotics died of cancer. Kushi himself was even diagnosed with cancer, and had to have a tumor surgically removed. It's funny how a guy who claims to know how to cure cancer ran to a doctor for treatment instead of following his own advice. Yet, he still runs his Kushi Institute in western Massachusetts, where you can spend thousands of dollars being taught his bull[censored]. You can buy his books, attend his lectures...sounds like a certain doctor with a Scottish name that we've been discussing. The health food world is full of gullible people, and there are plenty of scam artists out there who are more than happy to take money from them. Be very skeptical.

    One final note I'd like to make to everyone:
    Being a vegetarian/vegan does no make you an expert on cancer. Everyone seems to love throwing that word around, as if they know what does and does not cause the disease. Enough already.

    PS - Can't wait to hear what BS Johnny and the GR8 one have to say.

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    Posted by peanut at 03/18/08 12:21:55

    i just have to say i agree w/ kindlizard on the msg point, i couldn't imagine digesting such crap and never would. i certainly wouldn't subject children or anyone to that horrible mind altering chemical. it's like you are saying "why even bother w/ organic?" if we are going to make a difference, why would you not promote ultimately safe foods?
    or eating the "natural" way? i for one do the best i can at only injesting, organics and foods w/o additives and other junk.some people don't even know about white sugar, gelatin, rennet, etc. i think we should promote proper info to people who are new to this w/o trying to poison them! :0)

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    Posted by peanut at 03/18/08 12:23:48
    forgot to post this, sorry.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 03/18/08 22:24:23

    Hi Yoshi,

    First the serious bit of my post.

    1. I strictly avoid "lip kissing" meat eaters Yoshi - it can lead to mental imbalance.

    2. I disagree entirely with your abuse of Dr. McDougall - he has "rescued" several of my friends & brought them back to life.

    3. In the 80's I was a regular visitor at Michio Kushi's "East West Centre" in Old St., London. I really doubt whether the cancers came from his food - I have PCB's, DDT & many other toxin traces in my body - perhaps he did also?

    Now for the less serious bit.

    I am close to perfecting a vegan "Viking Spam with floral extracts" - it will have just a tiny amount of MSG in it - you may like to help me to market it Yoshi? - here is a first cut of my "promo" video -

    Do you know that apples are dangerous Yoshi? - especially organic ones - one of my close "non-Viking" friends was killed by organic apples - a 28lb box dropped from a balcony & broke her neck whilst she was she was loitering distastefully in a street in Chelsea, S. W. London.

    Love & cuddles.


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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 03/29/08 01:28:24

    Come on Webmaster - another thread "neutered".

    "Think before you edit!" in future.

    kindlizard had made some great & passionate posts.

    There were no serious profanities.

    I do not object to being called a Troll!

    This is "anti-Trollism" at it's very worst!

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    Posted by Gorgeous at 03/29/08 06:28:00

    Hi balthasar - I really like your post - I also liked the passion that it was stirring up before "the axe fell"!

    HappyCow's mini - "Röhm-Putsch"!

    Our "Reviews" & "Comments" directly affect the well-being of businesses / individuals.

    Like on Facebook - we can provide our real names instead of hiding behind nicknames.

    When I see abuse of people such as Dr. McDougall - Michio & Aveline Kushi on HappyCow & then the really bad & highly selective "editing" of the related posts I conclude that now it is the time to go "open".

    "Opening the closet door" - full disclosure - my name is John Edmundson - I have multiple personality disorder.

    On HappyCow, depending on my mood, I "play" as JohnnySensible - Stig - Gorgeous & Rafael - no others.

    The goal of my "play" is less animal abuse.

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    Posted by webmaster at 03/29/08 07:35:38

    Hi Johnny (and Kindlizard),
    Sorry that you feel you've been censored. The responses were removed because they were off topic, offensive, and contained personal attacks.
    We're always happy for a lively debate, however you and kindlizard had overstepped that and were bringing nasty arguments in discussion topics that were started by members looking for an answer or response to their questions, not to hear you two rant.
    Like all off-topic responses, and those that cross HappyCow's TOS: (see: "Unacceptable Content") they were removed. (As so too will this and the post above it likely be removed in a couple days)
    It's true that a couple good points were lost in the process, but in reading through, the responses given really do contain clear answers to the original question.
    Johnny, if you Stig, Gorgeous, Rafael or anyone of your alt-personas feel to respond, please start a new thread here:
    PLEASE keep your posting topic/thread relevant.

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    Posted by maggied at 04/24/08 20:25:36

    Hey i'd like to respond to you - on the topic of being an annoying vegetarian...
    i have been a vegetarian for six years and i am now trying to be a vegan. although i act casual about it, i feel like people get offended just when i tell them im trying to be a vegan. its hard not to alienate people when you try to lead an alternative lifestyle, it kinda makes them feel like your not equal to them, i dont know. but i know it bothers people. so i guess the best bet is to come up with a reasonable argument that you have with proof about the unhealthiness of meat and animal products, and instead of just quoting annoying facts at them (which i tend to do when people give me crap about my diet- oops...) even if you know they are facts, just explain and then leave it.. instead of nagging,,, and if you show them you are getting a lot out of your lifestyle they will be interested and probably try to find out more, if they care about health/the environment/ everything worthwhile!!

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    Posted by dimitri at 06/01/08 09:10:00

    You must create strong ideological background and be conscious what you do and why you doing…then you will be inspiration for others around you…most meat eaters doesn't have any idealistic background to support meat eating except their stomachs…be strong and walk

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