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I just realized not all fruit gummies are good for vegetarian as it have gelatine in them. Can you suggest me some good ones that are suitable?

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 10/12/17 21:42:55

    How about just eating fresh sweet fruit or dried fruit with no refined sugar? Works for me. I don't eat candy.

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    Posted by happah10 at 10/13/17 02:27:39

    Starburst minis don't have gelatin. I haven't tried them but reviews say they don't taste like the full size starbursts (which do have animal gelatin) . Theyre not gummies Obviously

    For That sweet tooth, you may just have to migrate to hard candy. Lifesavers and things like that

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    Posted by ricerica at 10/13/17 21:04:45

    I also eat dried fruit especially dried mango and pineapple.
    Recently I found a good option for fruit gummies. It is called Fruitickles and it's made with 100% fruit but resembles very much fruit gummies. It has no artificial colours, added sugar or maltitol and no gelatine.

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 10/13/17 21:40:27

    Ricerica--Thank you for the info on Fruitickles. I will try those. I also love dried goji berries. They are a great superfruit for health and energy. Fresh persimmons are great but can only get in the stores in October and November. I like Dragon Fruit also, fresh or dried when it's chewy. Love Traders Joe's fried mango slices. Yummy like gummies! Just my preference for good health. Keeps the mind clear.

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    Posted by happah10 at 10/14/17 01:25:53

    There's also raisins! Nature's gummy bears.

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    Posted by Veggacha at 10/14/17 10:29:56

    Thank you for the ideas! I feel some hope now for having some options :) I think I'll go to the market to get persimmons, it's just about the right time :)

    happy10 - These Nature's gummy bears are the multivitamin supplements?

    ricerica - Where can I get these Fruitickles? How do they look like?

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    Posted by ricerica at 10/16/17 21:28:39

    Hi! They are in small packages with Disney figures (Frozen, Cars) or also egg-like plastic capsules

    There you go, you can find them in Tesco

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    Posted by Sylvis at 10/17/17 23:31:47

    the ubiquitous (at least in the part of the US I'm from) welch's gummies do have gelatin, but Mott's don't! Neither do Annie's bunny ones, but I like the Motts better.

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 10/29/17 04:45:01

    Annies bunnies are truly vegetarian fruit snacks. I like the summer strawberry. You do have to be careful because it's happened to me before that I grabbed a bag of organic fruit snacks that listed tapioca as an ingredient (typically an indication that it's gelatin-free) only to start eating them and realize gelatin was still included in the list. So yeah, Annie's for sure.

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    Posted by Veggacha at 10/30/17 21:35:55

    Ricerica thank you, I've tried Fruitickles and it's awesome, cause my children love it too. Now I can just throw it in their backpack and they always have a small treat with them.

    ForetsNymph I would also like to try Annies bunnies. Where do I find them?

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    Posted by Kiwifruiti at 02/13/18 15:11:38

    Hi Veggacha,
    You can find Annie’s Bunnies on the app iHerb. It is where I usually get mines. If you use the coupon code: AJS6646 , you can get $5 OFF as well as free shipping if you purchase over $20.

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    Posted by wildeyedgirl at 02/14/18 00:52:59

    Eco Vital Gummies are SO GOOD! Way better than the gummy bears from my childhood -

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    Posted by thessa08 at 02/16/18 11:36:37

    fruitickles are yummy! I also go for raisins, dried mangoes and dried dates though.

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    Posted by slovenianvegan at 02/16/18 22:07:47

    Trolli Dinorex and Bizzl Mix are certified vegan. Haribo has some certified vegetarian gummies, but none are vegan (got the response from Haribo saying that). I don't know which options you have in your country, but maybe check out this link and see if you can find any of them nearby: (I hope the link works, otherwise search for the photo album "Veganski bonboni" at Slovenian Vegan Facebook page)

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    Posted by lysi at 02/18/18 09:27:09

    I think you are based in the UK. Marks and Spencer do a couple of gelatine free gummy worms that also don't contain beeswax. It's the sour caterpillars and the red ones.
    Other than that, I like the Free From Fellows cola bottles, gummy bears etc that Holland & Barret stocks. Finally, Biona is a brand to check out too.

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    Posted by Loona at 02/18/18 11:11:41

    I can see you are based in the UK - Goody Good stuff is an UK company, producing certified vegan fruit gummies. I have just recently tried their Summer Peaches, and loved them!
    The supermarket chain Aldi occasionally offers vegan fruit gums, but they are sadly always limited offers. Their ginger bears are to die for, with that tinge of spiciness that is present also with real ginger!

    I do not live in the UK, so I don't know how/if these are available over there, but Haribo and Katjes are more international companies, so hopefully they are also present on your market: Katjes has already had several, and Haribo has also recently (last year, I believe) introduced 2(-3?) vegetarian fruit gums - these are all clearly labeled vegetarian, with the yellow "V" of the Vegetarian Union. Sadly they are not vegan, as they contain eggs/yogurt/beeswax, depending on the type of gum.

    With other brands, always check the ingredients list: pectin and carragen are two common gelling agents that companies use insead of gelatine, and these are both good to go for veg'ns. Watch out for the colouring agent carmine, too, as this is animal-derived too (made from scale insects), and is sadly often used to give gummies (and yogurt, and ice tea, and paté... :S ) a reddish tint.

    While I love dried fruits, I fully understand that you sometimes just need gummy :) I am a big fan of fruit gummies myself, and I am happy I did not have to give them up upon switching to a plant-based diet :)

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