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I just realized not all fruit gummies are good for vegetarian as it have gelatine in them. Can you suggest me some good ones that are suitable?

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 10/12/17 21:42:55

    How about just eating fresh sweet fruit or dried fruit with no refined sugar? Works for me. I don't eat candy.

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    Posted by happah10 at 10/13/17 02:27:39

    Starburst minis don't have gelatin. I haven't tried them but reviews say they don't taste like the full size starbursts (which do have animal gelatin) . Theyre not gummies Obviously

    For That sweet tooth, you may just have to migrate to hard candy. Lifesavers and things like that

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    Posted by ricerica at 10/13/17 21:04:45

    I also eat dried fruit especially dried mango and pineapple.
    Recently I found a good option for fruit gummies. It is called Fruitickles and it's made with 100% fruit but resembles very much fruit gummies. It has no artificial colours, added sugar or maltitol and no gelatine.

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    Posted by Mountainmystic at 10/13/17 21:40:27

    Ricerica--Thank you for the info on Fruitickles. I will try those. I also love dried goji berries. They are a great superfruit for health and energy. Fresh persimmons are great but can only get in the stores in October and November. I like Dragon Fruit also, fresh or dried when it's chewy. Love Traders Joe's fried mango slices. Yummy like gummies! Just my preference for good health. Keeps the mind clear.

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    Posted by happah10 at 10/14/17 01:25:53

    There's also raisins! Nature's gummy bears.

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    Posted by Veggacha at 10/14/17 10:29:56

    Thank you for the ideas! I feel some hope now for having some options :) I think I'll go to the market to get persimmons, it's just about the right time :)

    happy10 - These Nature's gummy bears are the multivitamin supplements?

    ricerica - Where can I get these Fruitickles? How do they look like?

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    Posted by ricerica at 10/16/17 21:28:39

    Hi! They are in small packages with Disney figures (Frozen, Cars) or also egg-like plastic capsules

    There you go, you can find them in Tesco

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    Posted by Sylvis at 10/17/17 23:31:47

    the ubiquitous (at least in the part of the US I'm from) welch's gummies do have gelatin, but Mott's don't! Neither do Annie's bunny ones, but I like the Motts better.

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    Posted by ForestNymph at 10/29/17 04:45:01

    Annies bunnies are truly vegetarian fruit snacks. I like the summer strawberry. You do have to be careful because it's happened to me before that I grabbed a bag of organic fruit snacks that listed tapioca as an ingredient (typically an indication that it's gelatin-free) only to start eating them and realize gelatin was still included in the list. So yeah, Annie's for sure.

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    Posted by Veggacha at 10/30/17 21:35:55

    Ricerica thank you, I've tried Fruitickles and it's awesome, cause my children love it too. Now I can just throw it in their backpack and they always have a small treat with them.

    ForetsNymph I would also like to try Annies bunnies. Where do I find them?

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    Posted by Kiwifruiti at 02/13/18 15:11:38

    Hi Veggacha,
    You can find Annie’s Bunnies on the app iHerb. It is where I usually get mines. If you use the coupon code: AJS6646 , you can get $5 OFF as well as free shipping if you purchase over $20.

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    Posted by wildeyedgirl at 02/14/18 00:52:59

    Eco Vital Gummies are SO GOOD! Way better than the gummy bears from my childhood -

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    Posted by thessa08 at 02/16/18 11:36:37

    fruitickles are yummy! I also go for raisins, dried mangoes and dried dates though.

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    Posted by slovenianvegan at 02/16/18 22:07:47

    Trolli Dinorex and Bizzl Mix are certified vegan. Haribo has some certified vegetarian gummies, but none are vegan (got the response from Haribo saying that). I don't know which options you have in your country, but maybe check out this link and see if you can find any of them nearby: (I hope the link works, otherwise search for the photo album "Veganski bonboni" at Slovenian Vegan Facebook page)

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    Posted by lysi at 02/18/18 09:27:09

    I think you are based in the UK. Marks and Spencer do a couple of gelatine free gummy worms that also don't contain beeswax. It's the sour caterpillars and the red ones.
    Other than that, I like the Free From Fellows cola bottles, gummy bears etc that Holland & Barret stocks. Finally, Biona is a brand to check out too.

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