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I am not a veggie and was just wondering what fruits and veg do you buy. As a meat eater I buy organic because of its impact on the environment but as vegans how do you avoid crops especially organic that are widly fertilised using bone meal and blood meal both slaughter house by products.

I was just wondering how you overcome this hurdle as all fruit and veg that I have seen in greengroses and supermarkets does not seem to lable what fertilizers are used, just wether they are grown organicly or conventionaly.

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    Posted by jimbobbob at 05/29/15 04:09:41

    I am not sure how all of you will take this post. I am not trying to say that vegetarianism is wrong, i am just curious that is all. i did consider pretending to be veggie but i thought this was dishonest and chose to be honest, i did try pro con websites but the users got to militant I came to a site like this to get the views of true veggies without an agenda.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 05/29/15 09:32:47

    The impact of eating meat goes far beyond whether it's "organically" (a term with various definitions) raised or not.

    Raising animals for human consumption is not an efficient way to address world starvation...because of the vast amounts of land and water required, compared to what is needed to feed a vegan.

    There are hundreds of books and tens of thousands of websites that address this in great detail. Check out authors such as Jim Mason and David Pimentel.

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    Posted by jimbobbob at 05/29/15 09:59:10

    I was just curious as I have looked into the subject a little and I can't find a sustainable way of fixing nitrogen from the air without the use of either animal blood, bone and manure or the use of chemicals that damage the insect and fish population impacting all the way up the food web.

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    Posted by flipmitch at 05/31/15 05:42:48

    I buy local organic fruit and veg from co-operatives and growers, they're all certified so use organic fertilizers. You can buy fertilizers with no animal ingredients and they work well in the right conditions. I guess I'm lucky as the majority of the produce I buy is also bio-dynamic and grown within walled gardens. This limits the amount of animal products used and I'm happy with that, I've done all I can and that's what veganism is about, doing the best you can in an imperfect world.

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    Posted by Unnamed Narrator at 06/10/15 15:20:21

    I actually farm with the blood and bone meal of meat eaters.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 06/11/15 06:05:10


    Please consider the authors I suggested, especially David Pimentel, author of "Ecological Integrity" and "Food, Energy & Society".

    He's one of the world's foremost authorities, and goes into great detail in his books.

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