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Hi everybody;

hope you are well...

I made a few videos about harvesting and detoxing with wild greens.... these are abundant in nature and the are given to us completely free of charge...

hope some one will find this useful.

if you have any further questions; please mail me at :

I'm also doing free skype and phone consultations right now; to request your free consultation visit

hope you all have a lovely day :)

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 05/30/14 08:31:43

    Thanks for the comment. Foraging for food will be a major skill to have as store-bought food becomes more expensive and less available due to global warming and unsustainable agriculture.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 05/31/14 15:06:12

    hi YouAreWhatYouEat,
    That was a really cool video! Yes there are cars going by but it looks like such a lovely, peaceful park. You mentioned in the video you had terrible allergies while vegetarian and they went away when you stopped eating dairy. I had a very similar experience. I had asthma as a vegetarian and when I went vegan *poof* it disappeared. I have no doubt it was the elimination of dairy from my diet that did the trick. It's funny how when you bring less suffering to the world by going vegan, the world brings less suffering to you. I like how that works : ).

    Thanks for sharing your video! Please let us know when u post another.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 05/31/14 15:24:40

    Also really cool to learn about the wild edibles! Your post reminded me of garlic mustard. I understand it is native in the UK, but in the US garlic mustard is a horribly invasive plant that is taking over our forests and crowding out the native plants that our wildlife depends on for survival. It's a bad thing b/c no wildlife here eats garlic mustard. So it's creating starvation forests for wildlife in the US. But humans can eat garlic mustard. So in addition to the garlic mustard pulls that many communities here organize, we are trying to popularize garlic mustard recipes. Thought you might find this interesting:

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    Posted by Shailluis at 06/29/14 23:19:54

    yes , i also think like u that free food is the best medicine..

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