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I am just curious who has followed these eating plans and what kind of health results you might have had.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 07/21/14 05:30:40

    Personally, I find forks more offensive than knives.

    Knives and other cutting tools serve many purposes, including the building of shelter and the manufacture of clothing.

    The forks that we use today are the descendants of the multi-pronged spear that was invented to kill other animals, and sometimes to hold them in place while skinning. They were also used in war between humans. I described this in a chapter, "The Fork as a Weapon" in one of my books.

    But besides the historical origins, a dentist once told me that the number one cause of chipped teeth was the fork!

    I'm a weirdo in the eyes of many, but I haven't used a fork in almost thirty years...I've been using spoons, chopsticks and fingers...and am doing just fine!

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    Posted by tardis3 at 10/05/14 02:45:35

    i have all the books mentioned and I strongly believe in them. The recipes are excellent and the ideology is almost identical. I think you can't go wrong

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    Posted by J and J at 10/05/14 19:17:43

    We started following the Forks Over Knives / Engine 2 / McDougall approach after being Vegans for about 2 years. Our health had improved and we'd lost weight initially after becoming vegans, we lost more weight and saw other improvements after going no-oil nearly every day (except when eating out), emphasizing starches and vegetables, and limiting alcohol and caffeine.

    Personally this approach to vegan eating works really well for us. We are both athletes - cyclist and runner - and just as eliminating animal products totally diminished our recovery time and helped us be leaner and faster, eliminating oil and emphasizing unprocessed foods took us to the next level and through the roof!

    We love eating this way, and while we review on Happy Cow great vegan doughnuts, etc. that we find, 99% of days we make our own oil-free doughnuts or you name it at home. :)

    Oil-free is an adaptation that took us a lot of months to understand the benefits of. If you go 100% oil-free (this includes no oil in your non-dairy milks, crackers, breads, etc.) for 4 weeks, and then you try oil after that, you will know exactly what we mean. It's a little different for everyone, but we notice that when eating 100% oil free we have almost no aches or pains, really important for us - no headaches at all and one of us is a chronic headache sufferer - skin clears up and is much less oily, and our stomaches are lighter and calmer.

    Definitely worth a try. :)

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