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Hey, everyone,

I am an animal rights and vegan activist, and have been most of my life. I started my life as a 2nd generation vegetarian, and now have been vegan for half my life. It is now my intention that at least 75% of my diet be raw from now on.

It seems to me, and others, that it is time that vegetarians, vegans, and animal rights activists be portrayed in a positive light in feature films and TV programs.

Let's face it, there are millions of vegetarians and vegans around the world, and many of us are insulted by being portrayed in films and TV shows as pale, 85 pound hippies that look sickly and need a murdered farm animal's carcass and dairy products to feel better. Environmentalists and animal rights activists are usually portrayed as kooks, too.

A bunch of vegetarian film and video cast and crew members have gotten together and now we plan on changing all that.

Imagine heroic films like 'Rocky,' dramatic films like 'The Breakfast Club,' romantic comedies like 'Serendipity,' and more --- except the main characters are obviously animal rights activists and vegetarians or vegans. That is what we plan to do. The positive examples will do more to promote our positive lifestyle than all the horrific slaughterhouse videos on You Tube.

Thanks to financial gifts from vegetarians, vegans, and animal rights activists, we have already begun production on two positive, uplifting, educational, and fun documentaries. We also have two feature films in development and a series of "cooking videos."

I don't want to go against forum protocol and post any more information here unless it is requested, but if anyone has any ideas for scripts, or has completed scripts, or supports this idea, please let me know. We are on the same team and our intentions and expectations are high.

Imagine what the world would be like in the future if everyone is vegan.

Let's make a positive difference.

Keep up the great work!

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 12/10/08 16:50:17


    Please tell us more!

    Keep posting merrily!

    I like to come & find such positive news here on HappyCow!
    Documentaries - a fine example -

    Joaquin Phoenix talking about the documentary "Earthlings" - "Of all the films I have ever made, this is the one that gets people talking the most. For every one person who sees Earthlings, they will tell three."

    Music by Moby!

    More Reviews here -

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    Posted by davenport4 at 01/24/09 10:52:12

    Just want to share that I am, with others, making a movie that will mention Vegetarianism in a positive light. The movie itself is NOT about being vegetarian, but the cast, crew, and story will be based in it.

    No animals will be harmed or eaten while making the movie.

    I am looking for support in the way of permission in using, say anyone's website, magazine, or information about vegetarianism.

    I would like to have mentions of places or magazines lying around or being read in scenes.


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