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Hi, I'm looking for a little advice... This weekend, I have to travel with my husband's family to a family reunion in a pretty non-Vegan friendly area (HappyCow's restaurant directory hadn't even heard of the town!)
I already know for a fact that the menu at the reunion itself will not lend itself to my eating habits, or my husbands. But that's not a problem. It's in a park with grills that we can use, so we're planning to bring our own food. But, we'll be up there all weekend and eating at restaurants and things...
So I'm just curious, what do you all do when you're traveling and there aren't a ton of veg options available?

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 07/24/13 13:16:02

    Hi WallysButton,
    I'd say you're already on your way to a successful weekend just by planning ahead. To answer your question, I bring my own food. I bring a back-up stash of vegan goodies which usually consists of instant oatmeal packets, dried fruit (I love dried mangos!), bananas, some kind of nut mix and a few energy/power bars. None of it has to be refrigerated and this way I have a calm feeling knowing that no matter what the trip brings, I'll have something I like with me.

    As for eating at restaurants in a group setting, if it's going to be at a horrid place like a steakhouse I usually eat something before I go so I'm not hungry when I get there. Then I order a glass of wine and a salad. I always order something for the sake of being social and eating when everyone else is eating, but I know that I'm going for the company and not for the meal.

    Most restaurants will usually have something vegan available even if it's just a plain salad, hummus & pita, chips and salsa, guacamole, etc.

    If I'm staying at someone's house and I have access to a refrigerator, then all is good in my world : ) because I can bring a few Kombucha's, some single serving almond milks, and some small containers of pre-made pasta salads. This also helps break the ice and allows me to have the "what do you eat?" discussion with my host in a casual, non-confrontative environment as we're milling about the kitchen rather than when we're at the dinner table and they're drooling over the plate of meat in front of them.

    Also, I know the location of just about every Whole Foods w/in a thousand mile radius of my house : ). Seriously though, if you look up Whole Foods locations, you'd be surprised how many of them are close the expressways, many just off the expressway. But there is no highway signage for them so u have to do your homework. For example, there is a WF in Chicago just of the Kennedy Expwy at North Ave. Likewise, on the way to Detroit there is one just off the expwy in Ann Arbor. Throw a cooler in the back of the car, load up at a Whole Foods that's on your way and you're set.

    Hope this helps : ).

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    Posted by eristdoof at 08/18/13 08:53:42

    What country will you be in, this make a big difference to the question.

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    Posted by WallysButton at 08/22/13 07:20:22

    Hi, I actually already went on the trip in question... I guess technically you'd say I was in the United States, but if you've ever been to Michigan's Upper Peninsula, you'd know it's like it's own country...
    it was definitely a challenge... honestly, most places I went I had trouble even finding things without meat in them, much less avoiding dairy... (a lot of places we ended up eating didn't even have salads on the menu!)
    But I made it through with the supplies I brought with me from home... and thankfully, it was only a couple days

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    Posted by Micheles13 at 09/18/13 15:53:41

    Hi WallyButton,
    Have you tried Kate Farms Komplete? It’s the world’s first vegan, soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free meal replacement shake. I always suggest it to anyone with dietary restrictions, especially those who are traveling because it is hypoallergenic, shelf-stable for a full year, which means that it does not have to be refrigerated until opened, and it is easy to find at any Vitamin Shoppe or Super Supplements store. They are also having an online promotion where you can get 15% off of your online order when you order through their website. Just enter the code HAPPY at checkout. Good luck and have a safe trip!

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