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I am trying to start a website about veganism, which will, among other things, address the difficulties faced by vegans & vegetarians, both in becoming meat-free, and staying that way.

I know personally faced certain difficulties, but I cannot base it on my experience alone, because peoples' situations are different than mine - socially, geographically, economically, etc. So I am asking for your input, and would be very grateful for any shared experience:

What were the most difficult obstacles, for you, in BECOMING a veg*an, and what is the the most difficult part of STAYING vegan?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and time. I really appreciate it!


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    Posted by Wyrdnight at 02/07/11 07:31:02

    I'm an ovi-lacto vegetarian.

    Things that made it difficult for me to become a vegetarian were mostly to do with the attitudes of my family (Mother and bf) towards vegetarianism. My Mother got angry about my decisition and kept on indicating that she thought my decisition was unreasonable

    When my bf decided to become a vegetarian it became a lot easier because I was cooking for everyone in the house (and emotional support). My Mother still eats meat but eats it a lot less now because I found tasty vegetarian recipies (and she has less time *evil laugh*).

    The most annoying thing about being a vegetarian for me is the silly things people say or think about vegetarians but I don't think it's overly difficult being a vegetarian (as regards me, I know others have difficulty). I'm glad about clearly labeled food items because constantly reading ingredients annoys me.

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    Posted by Veggi1 at 02/09/11 14:12:35

    My biggest obstacle was and still is - although getting much easier/better - eating out! Vegan options are slim, but they are becoming more abundant, and I'm loving the vegan restaurants popping up in major cities! I have no problem STAYING a vegan b/c I do it for the animals! There's no turning back for me. Ever.

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    Posted by Mike4891 at 04/02/12 11:40:18

    Eating out, yes, my personal constant complaint. I just like to vent after lunchtime, as everyone I hang around soon finds out. It makes no sense that vegan food is more expensive! I just want a dish of rice or a scoop of granola. Why is that so hard to find? If I had ultimate power for one day, what I would do is replace every McDonald's with a plain cafeteria. Can you picture a REAL decent value menu? Time to overhaul the whole economic system when businesses that would be ecologically sustainable are economically unsustainable.

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    Posted by happycowgirl at 04/02/12 13:04:17

    The difficulties? Eating out.

    20 years ago I found it really difficult to eat out as a vegetarian. Restaurants had so few vegetarian offerings. As of about 10 years ago, eating at restaurants as a vegetarian had become a breeze, though still a challenge in rural areas and fast food restaurants. But so much positive change happened in a relatively short period of time. Vegetarian options became more plentiful and restaurants even started labeling veggie options on menus.

    Last year I went vegan, and my experience in restaurants was as though I'd gone back in time 20 years. I experienced that same "shock" and "you've got to be kidding" feeling upon looking at the menus and seeing almost nothing I could eat. I experienced the same re-adjustment period of figuring out what my "go-to" items would be on each menu. Keep in mind that I recently moved to a rural area so this is the experience of someone going vegan in a rural area of a red state (God help me! ha!). If I were still living in Chicago, an hour and a world away, my experience going vegan in 2011 would have been much more pleasant with Native Foods and other incredible vegan restaurants popping up everywhere. I see that same forward progress in the vegan movement as I did in the vegetarian movement 20 years ago. I hope we keep up the momentum.

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    Posted by Mike4891 at 04/03/12 07:12:47

    That's true. I had the same experience. (Except none of my visits to Chicago were very long. Even in cities, it's sometimes tough on me, because I try not to drive, but that's a different subject.) Thanks for the optimism. Just gets tiring to swim against the tide. Fortunately, I love to cook when that's an option. But we have to get more people on board and change farm subsidies.

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    Posted by groovychick at 04/04/12 09:54:02

    I agree that eating out is hard at some restaurants but I can always find something to eat anywhere. I'm a vegan and I ate with my family at Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles; I got a salad. Predictable. I had to order it without the chicken and cheese and since I don't like salad dressing I ordered it without that too. I bet the waitress was just thinking "What the freak is up with this kid?" Then my dad decided to be a dork and say to put it on the side so that he can eat it and she must have been even more weirded out. I ususally have to order things at restaurants without this and that and sometimes I want to just be like "can I just go in the kitchen and make it myself?" Family gatherings can be hard too since the rest of my family eats full on meat and stuff. But that is not going to stop me from being a vegan, that would be pretty lame if it did.

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    Posted by wendypc at 04/06/12 18:42:18

    Eating vegan is tough for me mainly because the nearest food store with a good variety of vegan alternative foods (Whole Foods)is about a 40 minute drive from my home. Eating out is always tough, too. There's cheese in practically everything these days! Eating vegetarian is much easier for me than eating vegan.

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    Posted by Alexia at 04/12/12 22:39:42

    when i started down this journey of being vegan i didn't think i would have a problem with telling people. I'm not ashamed of anything i do but i have come to the point where i avoid telling people i'm vegan or i don't eat this or that. It just turns into the only thing we talk about and while i enjoy educating people about this way of life, from that point on i have to deal with comments about it everytime i see them. Or teasing comments, or i'm sorry u can't eat this. And all i wanna say is i'm sorry your stomach is so big like mine used to be when i ate stuff

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