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After ten yrs of being vegetarian, I've decided to make the change to vegan! Household items & cosmetics being cruel free I don't have an issue with- I'm not picky; the whole switch has actually been easier than I thought it was going to be; especially with little support from my family.

Anyway, I have color treated hair, so I do need a color treated shampoo that does not test on animals.. any suggestions? (I'm currently using Garnier Fructis which from my understanding, does test on animals)

For body wash, my skin is insanely sensitive so switching body washes has me a bit worried. I'm currently using Vagisil Intimate Body Wash, so do you ladies know of any similar products that are cruel free? Again, like the shampoo I'm pretty sure they test on animals as well.

Thanks in advance for the help, it's much appreciated!


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    Posted by SalesThruSmiles at 04/25/16 11:45:22

    Can you get to a Whole Foods? They have a 365 line which is quite reasonable.

    There are mixed feelings in the salon community about whether color protective shampoos really do their thing or not, so you may want to do some research.

    Trader Joe's has cruelty free beauty products

    I have found great vegan and cruelty free shampoos on Puritan's Pride oddly enough when I use their coupons the prices are better.

    Paul Mitchell products are all cruelty free.

    Some of the animal rights groups have complete list of cruelty free companies.

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    Posted by TiffanyTwiztid at 04/26/16 20:49:02

    No unfortunately I can't ):. The nearest place to me that sells any health foods is probably an hr- an hr & half away. I rely on Kroger for most my foods, which sucks. My town in itself is not very vegan friendly..I have been told maybe trying ordering things online. The color treated shampoo does seem to help color last a bit longer..

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 04/29/16 20:47:46

    You can order Lush products online, or probably can find Organix in a grocery or drug store. A few Lush/Organix products contain honey, but Lush is otherwise vegan and most of the Organix line are vegan.

    If your skin is sensitive, that must mean castille soap is too harsh?? If not, use that...or look around for neighbors or shops who make hand made soaps.

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    Posted by Goingcrazyhippie at 09/18/16 14:12:08

    Dr bronners body wash is chemical free and cruelty free! U can get a sensitive version and ive heard GREAT reviews!

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