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Sorry if this topic already exist, but least I didn't find one.

So, what will you eat this christmas? (: Would be interesting to know and tips for next year. Will you have dinner with non-veg family? Do they ever taste your foods and what do they think of them? Is it hard for you to sit on same table with meats and stuff?

We are gonna eat with family who are totally non-veg. Good thing is they're not judgemental at all or push their food to us! Some have tasted seitan previous years and liked it (didn't make it myself :b ). Will be eating seitan roast this year as well. Also smoked tofu and mustard. Mashed potatoes, beet casserole will also be on table and redgabbage-carrot-onion salad. On side peas and green beans.

Sweet side will be having gingerbread cookies and chocolate.

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    Posted by westcornersville at 12/21/15 13:17:14

    Looks like you're doing pretty well so far--especially since it looks like they're willing to have side dishes that don't have meat slipped in, like the green beans. One important (at least to me) side dish not to forget is baked sweet potatoes--I like them plain, though you can add a little bit of cinnamon to complement the taste as well). Do you plan to have mushroom gravy with the mashed potatoes? Also, when I was a kid (before my veg days), we had quite a few condiment-like items around (and my family definitely wasn't vegetarian)--things like nuts and olives--so that can help broaden the variety further. If you like pumpkin pie--that's easy to make vegan (it's usually vegetarian unless there's lard in the pie crust) as well (with a little cashew cream whipped topping).

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    Posted by ReneeNButtercup at 12/21/15 14:18:12

    I am fortunate that there are an increasing number of non-meat eaters in my extended family. We are slowly taking over, hehehe

    I will generally make vegan versions of the standard sides, mashed potatoes, stuffing etc and I have a favorite main dish that everybody loves vegan and otherwise. It is Acorn squash with wild rice. I don't generally make a Meat alternative dish for Holidays I prefer to make something delicious and vegan so people can see that you don't need animals to make things Yummy.

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    Posted by Minnya at 12/21/15 23:42:29

    Sweet potatoes and cinnamon sounds interesting combo, never would have thought of that, thanks for tip! (: Also mushroom gravy sounds delicious and I'm sure my husband would love that too!

    And I totally love pumpkin pie! Usually I make it for Halloween when carving pumpkin ^_^

    ReneeNButtercup, I want to show people that you don't have to give up you taste preferences and traditions for going vegan (: But I get your point. Also I love these foods myself.

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    Posted by xRobx at 12/22/15 07:25:49

    2 years ago I had a Cheatin Celebration Roast while my mum and sister had their chicken. They liked the look of mine and tried some. Last year all three of us had the Cheatin Roast and I'm on my way to pick up three for this year after work today. I can't see them going fully vegan anytime soon but it makes Christmas easier!

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    Posted by Robinwomb at 12/23/15 03:12:48

    I am having an all vegan Christmas dinner with my vegetarian Mom and sister and my omnivore husband (who eats mostly vegan at home). It is going to be gluten free vegan to boot because my Mom is gluten free. So I am making a tofu vegetable quiche with almond flour crust; garden salad with Annie's lite Goddess dressing; and two gluten free vegan desserts: lemon donuts and brown rice crispy bars (made with brown rice syrup and natural peanut butter). My Mom and sister are making stuff too but I don't know what yet.

    I second the sweet potato dishes! I have made many of those for holidays. I love to blend sweet potato with pineapple, or sweet potato mashed with canned coconut milk.

    Another favorite of mine is cold wild rice salad (cooked and cooled wild rice, dried cranberry, chopped onion and celery, chopped walnut, maple syrup rubbed into the mix, spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, sage).

    If you are into plant based meats, I LOVE Field Roast apple sausages chopped up and added to cooked green cabbage, sauerkraut, chopped apple, with caraway seeds, and all over brown rice.

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