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What is the most challenging aspect of going vegetarian?

For me, it was dealing with the feeling that no one understood me, since I had zero vegetarian friends.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 10/06/14 05:54:33

    A very common experience.

    It has been the same for people advocating any kind of societal reform throughout history...

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    Posted by Umapuma at 10/08/14 12:38:30

    I have a tough time listening to friends, family and colleagues talk about favorite meat and cheese recipes, any old makeup (as opposed to cruelty free) or even leather items. I used to be the same way though, happily coloring my hair with Loreal while grilling cheeseburgers in my new leather boots. It was easier back then to be ignorant. I really wish I had known and cared sooner. I really wish others knew and cared today. I don't want to be aggressive but I do want to be an activist. For now I'll just try to be a good example and help animals where I can.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 10/09/14 07:31:22

    Message t-shirts are one way to communicate without being aggressive.

    Shirts with messages that make the reader want to ask a question. I've always wanted a shirt that says, "I have four reasons for being a vegan". If only an occasional person asks what your reasons are, your effort is worthwhile...but be ready to support your views with logic and facts.

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