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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 10/26/15 14:38:27

    Jared Leto is my favorite. He inspires me.

    I actually get annoyed with celebrity vegans like Anne Hathaway who were like, oh once I knew the truth I never had a craving for non-vegan food again. I mean good for her, there's a place for that, but it comes across as really condescending. ..must be really easy to curb cravings when you're a millionaire who can instantly hire a personal vegan chef...I know there are "regular people" who become vegans who have her experience, but it's not encouraging to people who struggle or aren't as educated about cooking and other options.

    I also like Joaquin Phoenix. I think he's wholly compassionate but also realistic.

    The worst vegan celebrity is the one that goes paleo when the trend changes. How cringe worthy, especially since paleo isn't even scientifically verifiable and tends to perpetuate excessive meat consumption.

    Oh wait...that celebrity is the idiot Anne Hathaway. Go figure.

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    Posted by Thalassa4 at 10/26/15 15:14:29

    Maybe I shouldn't call Anne Hathaway an idiot. ..maybe she's one of those people who have orthorexia, or something, and so she was too strict and wasn't getting enough fat or calories or something. ..however it strikes me as stupid to go from vegan to paleo...since paleo is listed as one of the worst diets to be on medically, and it has no basis in science...I mean why didn't she just add free range organic eggs back to her diet if she thought she was not getting enough protein, and be a vegetarian. I'm just saying.

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    Posted by Stevie at 10/30/15 19:16:20

    There's something similar already on happycow

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    Posted by eleutheromaniac at 10/31/15 08:11:06

    Yes but happycow's list sometimes inaccurate.

    Thanks for the information, Collated Style! I hadn't heard about Liam Hemsworth.

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    Posted by eric at 10/31/15 12:36:59

    @eleutheromaniac - I noticed what you originally responded with and it mades me wonder, were you trolling... tho I see now you have contributed to the site in the past with reviews.
    If there are any things on the HappyCow celeb page which are inaccurate, then please update! Updates are handled daily and although we do have a large queue of potentials to be listed, if anyone doesn't belong there they are removed as soon as an update is sent.

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