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I was searching around the internet a few months ago and couldn't find a really great updated list of Vegan Cookbooks.

So I went and put it together myself - However, I need some help from the community to find other books that I have missed.

If you know of any that really deserve to be on the list, let me know! TIA

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    Posted by Forman at 10/09/16 20:10:38

    Lindsey Nixon at the happy herbivore has good cookbooks and so does Jill nussinow with vegan under pressure. There's a lot of cookbooks out.

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    Posted by True North at 10/12/16 04:17:03

    Unprocessed by Chef AJ
    Bravo by Chef Ramses Bravo
    Straight up Food Cookbook by Cathy Fisher (just came out)

    All are salt, oil and sugar free plant based, whole food chefs. Not an easy way to cook but these are a great resource.

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