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I've been eating vegan for about a week now and I'm finding it extremely easy to do.

I've been off milk since my second boy was born, I can't digest it anymore . . . eight years ago, and so except for "giving up" cheese and yogurt I'm not missing anything there.

Since my first boy was born, 14 years ago, I just can't stand to buy or cook red meat. So, we are partway to being vegetarian already.

I'm increasing our fresh veggies and varying our grain selections, . . . . this is so easy I have to know, am I doing something wrong? Am I going about this in an unhealthy way? Are there specific things I should be worried about or looking out for?

thank you

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    Posted by Taylor Hill at 05/16/13 20:03:01

    Nope not doing anything wrong. I myself am a Vegetarian so I would cut out any meat ( I believe animals have rights. Which is why I personally don't eat it ). Keep it up. Just because it's easy doesn't mean you are doing something wrong. My brother is Vegan and is crazy healthy. He eats nothing but Veggies grain and fruit and only water or tea to drink. You wouldnt believe how healthy that boy is. Best wishes.

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    Posted by trippinvegan at 06/04/13 12:54:01

    Some people adjust more easily than others to different types of diets, so it's great that you're finding going vegan pretty easy for you.

    The general nutrition advice for vegans is pretty much the same for anyone else (vary your diet, lots of fruits and vegetables, limit sugar and "bad" fat, etc.). Some vegans choose to take dietary supplements, especially omega-3 and vitamin B-12, since they are found more frequently in animal products, but they can also be consumed through some plant products, too, so many people choose not to supplement.

    It never hurts to do some research and reading to feel more confident in your choices, and get your annual physical to make sure you're in good shape, but otherwise, sounds like you're on the right track!

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    Posted by peter01vekselman at 06/05/13 20:24:53

    Hello, everyone!
    Just like Kiana, I'm a new vegan, and I have tons of questions, especially about transitioning and cutting off meat entirely from my diet.

    Aside from the basics, what would be the biggest hurdle I have to prepare for in my bid to transform to a healthier eating habit?

    Thanks, and looking forward to great feedback.

    Peter Vekselman

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    Posted by StephenS at 06/14/13 22:24:31

    Congrats on your transition Peter :)
    Not sure what your diet was before - but trippinvegan makes good points. Omegas and B's are often the most troublesome for some folks making the transition to veganism. Also protein. I highly recommend using veganism as a catalyst to really study proper nutrition. The fact is, many omni diet folks also lack a lot of essential necessities to a proper diet. Let's face it - the western model of on the go quick fix eating is not conducive to health. One of the beautiful things about having a proper vegan diet, is allowing yourself to slow down, understand and enjoy the food you need and consume. So read up, experiment with your cooking, and support some of the great restaurants on this site. And don't forget about the amazing recipe section here. I've been veg/an for 25 years now and still constantly find awesome recipes here.
    Couple books I love (though there are so many great ones out there) are;
    - The New Farm Vegetarian Cookbook
    - Healing With Whole Foods
    Anyhoo - congrats - the cows and us veggie farmers thank you :)

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