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Hey all!

I'm sure there's many of you interested in the idea of vegan bodybuilding as am I. I've been eating animal products all my life and today decided to convert to vegan for mainly experimentation, health and life experience.

I'd love all your support and questions! Also if you have any food suggestions for me let me know!
I'll keep you updated, thank you!

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    Posted by AndyT at 07/28/15 20:39:23

    Hi Justin,

    great to hear about you going vegan!

    Do a search on Facebook, there are some awesome vegan bodybuilding groups.

    Best regards,

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    Posted by LekanNicholson at 07/29/15 13:04:53

    That's awesome that you're trying a new approach to your body building.

    Do you have any thoughts on how vegan body building will be different than animal protein based?

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    Posted by Average.Joe.5 at 08/03/15 16:32:52

    Try eating plenty of Wheat. It is what those massive Bovine's eat, so why not learn from them? Psychotic as other bodybuilders are. They make steroids out of Horse Semen, Whey protein out of their milk, supplement out of their blood, and also eat them?

    A very damning thing to do to one's self, that is for sure. I wonder what their response is when they are burning for their crimes in miserable darkness upon their death?

    Anyway. Try eating plenty of wheat. It is wonderfully nutritious, which is what really gives you that boost in your workout.

    It has plenty of "B12" to build good healthy blood. Wheat is the same as Grass. Wheat is what happens when you allow the Grass plant to grow and mature into a Wheat Stalk.

    So try getting yourself some Organic whole wheat flour from your local grocer, and even try munching down on some grass where they don't spray any poisons. Yes grass is completely edible. You eat wheat, yes? If you eat wheat you can eat it's younger 'grass' form. It's the same plant. Wheat, Grass, Wheatgrass...

    It is so wildly abundant and grows anywhere it possibly can, there is no reason why World Hunger is even the remotest of a problem.

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    Posted by ahimsa32fa at 08/04/15 07:28:11

    "Grasses" are the family "Gramineau" and include 10,000 different species, both domesticated and wild.

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    Posted by darleneant at 09/28/15 16:12:56

    I am a vegan bikini bodybuilding competitor. It has been an amazing journey this year. At first I was made fun of for my vegan muscles but once I showed I had an abundance of energy and was still strong a lot of questions came my way. That's why I started a blog about vegan bodybuilding. If you have any questions regarding protein intake and recipes I can give some help. There are great high protein, easy to make meal options.

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