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I have just completed my 30 day vegan pledge and want to continue with it, I dont eat dairy, egg or meat products and I try not to wear any leather, but when I have got size 14 feet it is impossible to get vegan footwear suitable for work and causalwear. Can anyone help or do I need to chop off my toes so i can fit into a smaller sizes.

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    Posted by louis at 04/19/11 12:13:24

    vegetarian shoes say they go up to size 15-

    so you could give them a ring and see what they can offer.

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    Posted by Yoshi at 04/21/11 06:43:41

    I wear size a size 13 Wide, so I know how it can be a major hassle just trying to find shoes fit, let alone ones that look good and are also vegan. I more or less only wear sneakers so there's probably a lot more out there as far as selection. As a note, I've heard that most running shoes are vegan just by design, but I don't think that solves your problem.

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    Posted by XLfeet at 07/15/11 13:17:04

    My name is Adrian, and I have size 16 EEE shoes. In the mpls/st paul area there are many vegan friendly places.

    Large Vegan Footwear is a first for me however. I am pretty sure some of my slippers would be vegan friendly, but I first need to double check.

    I am going to find a solution for you guys.

    I have traveled all over, and I have personally met with HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of large footwear manufactures from every corner of the globe.

    I founded [url=""]XLfeet[/url]in 2009.

    I'm not one of those mammoth companies that cares only about volume. I care about people, and meet their needs. That translates into happy and in turn loyal customers.

    Please, be patient, and if you want an update on what I find, it would come fastest on twitter at XLfeet or Facebook.

    Visit XLfeet , tune in, and Stay tuned

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