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we gather the best brands of vegetarian meat and non-dairy milk-products worldwide to be able to inspire the big food-companies worldwide and encourage them to make best veggie-meat available for everyone.
So if you know great brands of veggie-meat made of seitan, tofu, tempeh or soya meat (tvp), please tell me.
Here is our best of so far:

Or tell me, what is your favourite brand of soya milk, rice-milk, soya yoghurt, soya cheese, ...? Our best of so far:

Looking forward to your answers!

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    Posted by Tatiana at 02/29/08 16:19:37

    I LOVE Field Roast, yum yum. That is definitely my current favorite. I will check the site, thanks!

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    Posted by coolguy_2518 at 03/02/08 03:32:59

    Please kindly visit VegieVegie is a brand of meat substitute products such as vegie burger, vegie fish, vegie chicken, etc. The products are produced and exported from Bangkok, Thailand. VegieVegie is looking for an importer or a distributor around the world.


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    Posted by mymagic123 at 03/04/08 03:37:44

    Hi all,

    thanks for the answers so far,
    I've found and will check it these days and probably add it to my list.

    And I am very interested in, as we might have contact to a distributor. But I cannot exchange email-addresses in a public forum, so maybe you contact us via

    Thanks for all your contributions!

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    Posted by katinjap at 03/06/08 21:16:34

    I found a great vegetarian/health food company in Japan called San Iku ( They have a great range of gluten and soy meat products. I have been making regular orders from them. No English on the website though!
    Recommended to any vegetarians living in Japan.

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