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I am in the process of job hunting, and it's frustrating that unless I find a job in a large town, living a veg life can turn into a real hassle.

Most small towns not only have no health food stores, but their chain groceries carry very little in the way of vegetarian and organic items. Trying to find tofu, seitan, or tempeh is a real challenge. (And yes, I know you can make your own seitan...let's not start that discussion!) Organic produce (I prefer mine without chemicals, thank you) can sometimes be found seasonally at a farmer's market, but that's about it.

Has anyone else experienced living veg in a small town? How did you cope?

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    Posted by Fethenwen at 08/16/10 08:25:40

    Internet is your friend when living in a small town :)

    I thankfully live in a bigger city now, but during the time I did not, I ordered a lot of food items over the net.
    Especially by ordering dry food items you can order a lot and you never run out of food. Like beans and lentils, gluten flour (to make seitan), dried soy foods etc.
    You might also get some veg foods into your local shop if you ask them nicely to order some.

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    Posted by andreyman3d2k at 09/13/10 16:13:04

    Agreed with the above -- the internet is the way to go, at least for the stuff you definitely can't get your hands on. I live very close to NYC, but still I just the other day place and order from which arrived timely (careful there, they charge you 2 different shipping costs for frozen & non-frozen stuff). There are other places too. I know you said not to bring up homemade seitan... But I will anyway : ) -- once you get the knack for it, it's very very easy to do (2 core ingredients -- wheat gluten and water!). I get my wheat gluten on amazon, its so cheap and good.

    Another great food source is nuts. For this, try, a tremendous selection, and good shipping rates (def worth it if you order bulk).


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    Posted by Vegetarian Lifestyle at 10/24/10 08:11:17

    I understand how you feel Jimbomatic. May I suggest in asking the manager of the local supermarket to order in tofu, seitan for your needs. You maybe surprised by what he says even if he only orders a small quantity per month.

    I recommend perhaps trying to make your own vegetarian food at home, (perhaps even have a vegetarian party for your friends one night) as this is a fantastic option. The ingredients you would be able to find at your local shop.

    Also you probably feel isolated being the only person in town who is vegetarian. Look for mentors and support on the net & keep in regular contact with them.

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    Posted by lmzeigler at 10/24/10 09:15:11

    Check out I order from them every month or so. I live in Los Angeles where there is a great selection of vegan items, but veganessentials carries some stuff that I cannot find anywhere else, and the prices are very reasonable. If you sign up for their email list, every now and then they will send discount codes.

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    Posted by JohnnySensible at 10/24/10 20:08:15

    Took a good look at your site Tyler -

    It could be so nice - if you ever get around to cleaning it up.

    Right now too many of the recipes etc. require cows to be tortured / murdered.

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