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But it means risking losing my current job which is a non-veg*n chef job.

Not 100% sure what do do.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 03/24/10 14:00:31

    It might help us to have more details on the 2 jobs. I would say veg is definitely preferable to non-veg, but it would be easier to help with more information.

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    Posted by Ryman at 03/24/10 17:20:19

    Okay, I'll try and go through the pros and cons

    My current job is closer and easier to travel to but is a non-veg establishment. It is a secured job as I've been there for a few weeks and am able to work with no problems. As 2 of the chefs recently left, or are due to leave, me going as well will cause problems for them and I'd feel kinda bad about it.

    Now this other place is a veg*n restaurant about a two hour journey there and back cost upto £17 a day (That's if I don't get passes and discounts) It is also not guaranteed, so if I do decide to work there and it doesn't work out I'll be jobless. A lot of cons for it, but it is my ideal job and an opportunity I might not get again for quite some time.

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    Posted by Tatiana at 03/25/10 10:13:51

    Hmm, that is a tough one. It is definitely important to take into account the extra cost and time of the commute as well as the lack of job security. But, I think if it is at all possible, you have to go for your dream. Those opportunities don't come often. Is there any way to start the new job part time and see if it works out?

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    Posted by fcp at 03/26/10 10:40:12

    I am a Vegan cook and have worked in a few excellent Vegan restaurants here in the USA. My advice to you is, take the Vegan job. You seem to be in the UK; so I hope you can use public transport to relax/unwind in your commute.

    The reason for my advice is that I believe Vegan/Veggie is an industry that will eventually boom and experienced Vegan chefs will then be in high demand. Even for consulting for other restaurants willing to add vegan items to their menu. Differentiate yourself.

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    Posted by Peace ... at 03/27/10 00:24:59

    This might be a good opportunities to shine in this new area using your non-veg skill to veganise food.

    If you are innovative and creative, with lesser competition and in a growing field (veg cuisine), you can be a very famous Chef!

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    Posted by Ryman at 04/03/10 17:22:11

    I have a trial shift on Thursday to see how I get on.

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    Posted by Ryman at 04/09/10 00:48:13

    Done the trial shift, went well. back in next week. Really tired now and got X amount of split shifts with my current job

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    Posted by AndyT at 08/11/10 07:32:06


    how did it work out?

    I really wish this could work for you!

    Best regards,

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