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Does eating wholseome food products from your own sustainibly raised no-kill hens and your own bee hives make you a non vegan?

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    Posted by Star the magic vegan at 02/24/17 21:51:31


    If you only eat honey and no eggs nor dairy, you are a BEEGAN.
    If you eat eggs but no milk products you are an OVARIAN.
    If you consume milk products but no eggs you are a LACTARIAN.
    If you consume milk and eggs you are an OVA-LACTARIAN.

    Only a VEGAN is vegetarian. The other categories may not consume meat, but they do consume animal and insect products.

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    Posted by Robinwomb at 03/12/17 11:19:47

    Vegans take a stand against exploiting ANY animal for human need. Veganism goes beyond animal welfare. By continuing to use animals and/or their byproducts for food and other supplies, you are sending the message to others that this is ok. The chicken industry can only continue to exist when there is a continuing desire for chickens and eggs for consumption. Demand for eggs and for the hens that lay them will only stress hens as they are forced to produce more and more to meet demand. It is a cycle that has led to what it is now.

    There are many rescue organizations that care for hens but would never take their eggs from them and use them for food. Those eggs are given back to the hens for their own needs, or they are allowed to simply rot, or other animals eat them. It is completely unnecessary for humans to need/use eggs.

    The same is true of honey. It is one thing to help bees thrive, but totally another to take their honey from them.

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