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I just started 5 days ago on the diet and I LOVE IT!

Anybody else on raw foods?

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    Posted by peanut at 02/15/08 16:45:53

    no but have been interested in it for some time now. I frequently right down recipes and have made a few things and such. I just need a dehydrater and a juicer. Well i hope you stick w/it!! Way to go:0)

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    Posted by Tatiana at 02/15/08 19:02:09

    I love raw food. I do a lot of raw recipes and go to raw restaurants but I have not yet tried 100% raw. I would really like to try it and see how it feels. I don't have a dehyrator or juicer yet, either, but I have still done quite a bit of fun stuff. I'm glad you're loving it rawmary! Tell us more about your experience!

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    Posted by gr8vegan at 03/08/08 15:43:55

    "The reason I recommend a starch-based diet of mostly cooked foods rather than a raw food diet is because the main ingredients of a raw food diet (as this example illustrates) are fat (nuts, seeds, and olive oil) and sugar (fruits and juices). Here, the diet was reported to be almost half fat. Don't misunderstand me; a raw food diet is much preferable to the usual American diet.

    I believe most people accustomed to the American diet would find the transition to a starch-based diet easier because the dishes are so familiar (oatmeal, pancakes, soups, spaghetti, burritos, mu shu vegetables, etc.). A cooked food diet is tastier (subjective opinion), less expensive, more varied, and more easily digested. Most importantly, a diet based on familiar starches (potatoes, rice, corn, beans, whole wheat flour) will be much lower in fats and simple sugars, and ultimately will be more likely to allow people to regain lost health and appearance. I believe it is easy to maintain this way of eating for a lifetime; and much easier than maintaining a raw foods diet.

    I do encourage people to add plenty of uncooked fruits, and green and yellow vegetables, to their diet, and I often take advantage of the fact that raw vegetables encourage greater weight loss, and lower insulin and blood sugar levels than can be achieved with cooked foods.


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