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I've been a vegetarian since Jan 7 the thing is my mom doesn't know yet. I've had the hardest time telling her because she already thinks I don't eat much or healthy at all. Which isn't true. Plus I just don't think she would be supportive or understand. I tried two days ago telling her, but I just didn't. How did you tell your parents? Any tips? I want her to already know already.

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    Posted by mothersson2002 at 02/16/08 22:26:22

    One idea is to ask her to make a drs. appt to discuss some health or nutrition issues then inform them both. Most drs. are very supportive and your mother will hear first hand that a healthy vegetarian diet is nutritionally sound.Also show your Mom some veg books, pointing out a few quotes. Here are some teen veg sites: :
    and here is a list of books related to vegetarianism: You might be able to get them from your library. Ask the librarian your books on vegetarianism You also can ask for books from the interlibrary loan if they don't have a good selection.

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    Posted by auungbong at 02/16/08 22:54:22

    Its not a big deal to tell people that you want to or have become a vegetarian. Making it seem like a bigger deal than it really is.

    The question is, do you eat much and if so what is a typical meal like for you? If you eat things such as potato chips, cheese quesadillas, french fries.... thats not being a vegetarian and thats pretty unhealthy. However, if you are eating healthy then ignore the last statement.

    I told my mom many months ago that I became a vegetarian and she was fine with it til I was tired for a couple of days and became anemic over the next couple of months (its because I didnt know what foods to eat, it was a sudden change in my diet). But now, she sees that it is beneficial not only for me but for the family. I food shop for everyone so 90 percent of the products I buy contain no meat/chicken/cheese ingredients in it.

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    Posted by delagurl925 at 02/17/08 18:39:33

    I'm sure your mom will be ok with you being veg, just be prepared to defend your claim and know what you're talking about if she asks about protein and other things

    if you're a lacto-ovo vegetarian(no meat but milk and eggs) (which I'm assuming since you said vegetarian) then I'm sure that she'll be ok with that, if not have her schedule you an appointment with a nutritionist

    and have her check out theses sites: has some good resources as well

    Good luck with telling your mom!

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    Posted by Tatiana at 02/17/08 20:10:37

    I have had patients come in to make sure they are eating a good veg diet and I get lots of parents who like to hear it from me that the diet is sound. You know how tough it can be as a teen, your parents want to make sure what you are doing is not a fad and you aren't harming yourself, but as the person making the change, it can be frustrating that parents don't always trust it. I also strongly recommend to see your MD/dietitian to explain to your parents, as well as make sure you are following a healthy plan. You definitely want to make sure you are eating a balanced diet (also remember online advice does not substitute for actual medical advice, yadda yadda). This will also help show your parents you are serious about this and going about it in a mature way.

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    Posted by JuliaCatherine at 02/26/08 06:46:41

    My mom has been trying out new recipes since i have decided to become vegetarian /mostly vegan. She really likes vegetables, beans etc. But the thought of not eating a steak, cheese or drinking something like SOY MILK she doesnt get. She really believes that eating a big old steak is usually good for what ails ya. Beef always made me feel like a lump of crap to be honest. It just sat there, didnt do much for me. Im watching my diet very closely, and making sure i eat all i need to keep myself in good health and maybe even lose a bit of weight.. maybe she will reconsider a vegan diet for herself even?

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    Posted by teri velardi at 02/27/08 07:31:33

    I am vegan now for over 17 years and was vegetarian before that for several years. I have a BS in Holistic Nutrition. I am a mother of 3. Raised my children vegan.Tell your parents right out it is a healthier livestyle. Our bodies were designed to eat plant foods since our intestinal tract is so long. Animal proteins sit too long in the digestive tract allowing them to putrify and causing many different types of cancers. Our digestive tract is more like a horse who is vegan, not like a lion, or wolf who is a carnivore.Tell them that animal fats running through your veins sets you up for heart attacks and strokes. This may wake some of them up! you need to let them know that you are not only concerned with what you are eating but what they are eating. You need to let them know that what you are going though is not a fad but a life style that you firmly believe in. Ask them if they could look into the eyes of a cow and slaughter it? If meats were not so readily accessable in neat packages in the store, would they eat it? To me it would be like eatting your cat or dog!

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    Posted by Tatiana at 02/27/08 13:53:49

    yay for nutrition :oP

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    Posted by mothersson2002 at 02/27/08 15:47:39

    Great advice Teri,
    Just want to point out that there are even cases of lions that refuse to eat meat so a question I have is that I ask is that are they vegetarian simply out out survival: a spin on nature or nuture debate: Check out this true story of a lion that refused to eat meat ironically after his mother severally injured him and killed his other siblings:

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    Posted by teri velardi at 02/28/08 07:43:12

    Very interesting article mothersson2002.....
    I have no explaination for that one. I do know that in the end times even lions will be vegetarian. Isaiah 11:16 says that the lion will lay with the lamb, just like it the picture.

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    Posted by katinjap at 02/28/08 22:55:48

    Hey Isa,
    So I guess you know you're mum is not going to be happy and that's why you're putting telling her off. So, you need to think about the reasons why she's going to challange your decision, and challenge her back. But you don't want to be confrontational right? Cos I'm guessing the last thing you need is a screaming-match!
    If I were you I would write down all the reasons you want to be vegetarian, and all the ways you will be sure to have a healthy nutritious diet. You can calmly tell her that you have something to say and that you'd like her to listen until you're finished. Then you have your 'speech' to back you up if you forget something you want to say. It may sound silly, but writing down what you want to say will help formulate your argument and may make your mum realise how much thought you've put into the decision you made...?

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