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I need help. I'm a 5'7 & half 25yr old female. Who is intake gaskets way too much. I eat on average 4-5thousand Cal's per day. My exercise is walking I lose 1-2thousand Cal's x day. I'm still in taking around the same amount. I'm not athletic nor am I planning on being a body builder. I try to stay awake from dairy and eggs but Am a Lacto-Ovotarian. Before all hell brakeslose on me please read my profile. I do respect Every one's choice. I in my personal choice became a vegetarian 2yrs ago due to bad health. I had to get cancer biobsy, had tremors was in Dystonia clinics and more. So please respect my personal choice. In saying that I know there are Good Helpful People (still have hope) and Need help to reduce my intake.
How do Vegans Or other vegetarian s Stay away from in taking such high Cal's. Now once again I don't want to be discriminated and Judged by anyone that "well honey eggs sometimes and milk are your problems"
Thank you

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    Posted by Oats86 at 06/29/17 00:02:26

    Do you not find your food filling so you are eating more of it? I suggest eating whole plants foods rather than processed frozen dinners and other convience foods if you want something that is filling and not high in calories. Here are some suggestions:

    IMO, Broccoli is one of the very best in terms of being filling and not very caloric. My favorite way to eat broccoli is stir frying it with onions and bell peppers and then serving it over brown rice. I will also sometimes boil it, drain the water, and make like a mashed broccoli that to me taste similar to mashed potatoes, but is more filing.

    I also find cabbage to be very filling. I eat it raw in salads, I make my own spring rolls, and I make cooked cabbage and rice.

    Lentils and chick peas are also filling and can be used in vegetarian chilis and soups.

    Eggplant is filling and very tasty when roasted.

    I hope this helps.

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    Posted by marlicious at 06/30/17 06:15:46

    I'd suggest to plan your meals and set the amount of food you should eat so you have more control. BTW if you eat 4000 kcal a day you can simply cut it in half to get to 2000. Except for when you do a lot f sports, then it should be more.

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    Posted by Piscean at 07/09/17 20:24:05

    That's unusually high for a female.
    Try minimising junk foods and eating naturally (raw or in its natural form).
    I consume 2500 cal per day and run 50km per week.
    Im 5ft10 and 85 very weird...

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